Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live – Review, Strategy

Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live is an exciting live dealer multiplier game set in a Moulin Rouge theme studio. The theater style backdrop and the retro theme is surely a turn on for the players. The central gameplay of this gambling is mostly like the other roulette games, the only twist lies in the bonus features. The game features the characteristics of a typical European Roulette.

Initially the multipliers in the game are assigned up to 1000X and lie between range of 1 to 5. The benefits of the multipliers are mainly created through inside and outside bet types. The game has a theoretical maximum payout of 9951X with the heart bonus feature to unlock multipliers up to 2000X. To trigger any bonus feature, 3 same symbols are needed. The RTP of Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live is 97.305. Players can easily bet on the racetracks or betting grids.

Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live – Gameplay

The gameplay sequence for the game is as follows:

  • Players start the game with placing the bets and choosing the multipliers appropriate for the particular betting grids.
  • The slots now start spinning to reveal the bonus features that are subsequently applied to the betting grid.
  • Now it is time for the roulette wheel to spin and the result is determined as the ball stops in any one of the numbered pockets in the wheel.

Placing the bets is quite easy in the game. The straight up numbers can allocate multipliers on every consecutive spin while for the other multipliers, players must use the star bonus feature. With the usual roulette rules in play, players get paid if they bet on the winning numbers.

Winfinity Cabaret Roulette also offers multiplier payouts, if the multiplier covers the inning number. Bets should be placed directly either on the racetrack or on the betting grid. If you want a quick gameplay, try out the statistics panel feature. This panel also gives an insight into the typical hot and cold numbers for the game.

The three slot reel machine is a special feature of this game that is the fundamental route for any bonus feature. There are three major bonuses in the game namely heart, 2X and star. The heart bonus boosts the existing multiplier while the 2x feature doubles the value of all multipliers in the game. While the star bonus feature adds almost 20 multiplier options to all the existing bet types in the game.

Strategies to Play Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live

The weirdest part of this game is that – there is no one fit for all strategy for this game. Each game has a specific set of rules and strategies curated according to the same. However, some of the common strategies that work out for almost all of the games include the following:

  • While betting, players must consider both types of multipliers – that is straight up multipliers and multipliers for the Star Bonus feature (if it is live in the particular game type)
  • The best types of bets to place are Section Bet, Outside bets, and Straight Number bets. With the star bonus feature, the players can enjoy the multipliers. If you want to try out a traditional and more conservative approach, try including the straight-up bets. If you want to win big, try placing bets only on those sections that offer a guaranteed payout to the players no matter what.
  • Winning big at Winfinity Cabaret Roulette not only includes how to bet but also mastering how not to bet. This includes learning not to cover numbers from the spins. Exposing as many numbers for the spin is a great strategy for winning. Moreover, with this strategy, you can catch something closer to even a 2000X multiplier.
  • Lastly, always remember that the bets should never take up more than 105 of the player’s static bankroll at any instant. If you want to keep playing long, let your bets keep on turning your bankroll often.

Final Words

The overall presentation of the Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live is fantastic and quite resembles the Ezugi Ultimate Roulette. The theme is quite attractive. Players love the fact that they do not have to pay any additional fees for availing the extra bonus features. The inside bets are specially designed to benefit from the multipliers, so almost every player gets a fair chance of earning. The Auto Play feature would have made it even better. Also, if Winfinity can support the amateur players with some past play statistics – the game would attract an even greater number of players.

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