What is a win reverse bet? How does it work? A Detailed Guide

As a gambler, you might have experienced various types of bettings in your life. Out of which, you should know about win reverse bet, which is the most unfamiliar wager.

A win reverse bet allows you to place multiple bets without requiring any high budget. Also, you need not rely on a single outcome as the payout is typically higher than the straight bets. In other words, you can combine two or more bets by wagering on as many as up to four teams.

Especially, you can grab the initial payout when the first choice succeeds through the reverse bet.

Also, win reverse bets are more suitable for punters who are not willing to take any huge risks.

However, you should gain a better understanding of what a win reverse bet is, and its working methods by knowing its pros and cons. Also, you need to know the exact difference between a win reverse bet and an action reverse bet.

What is a win reverse bet?

Reverse bets allow you to place bets in reverse order by linking two bets, known as if bet, and you will have the possibility to win on two different outcomes.

In the win reverse bet, the first wagers must have both action and win. If the first bet results without any action or push, then you cannot place the secondary bet.

For instance, you wager on both Team A and Team B with odds of 0.10 each. If you have INR 11,000 for placing a bet on Team A, you can use the same funds to bet on Team B as well.

You will receive a payout of INR 10,000 if Team A wins but your initial stake of INR 11,000 won’t be refunded. Rather, it would be used to bet on Team B automatically. In other words, you are placing an additional amount of INR 11,000 to bet on Team B.

If Team B wins, you will earn another INR 10,000. As a result, your total payout will be:

INR 10,000 (Team A Payout) + INR 10,000 (Team B Payout) + INR 11,000 (initial wager)= INR 31,000.

On the other side, if Team B doesn’t win, still you will receive an initial payout of INR 10,000. But, you will lose the initial wager of INR 11,000.

How does a Win Reverse bet work?

Selecting the two outcomes that you believe have a good chance of winning is the first criterion you have to follow. 

You should place two separate bets: standard win and reverse bet. Both bets can be successful if your first selection wins. The reverse bet triggers by allowing you to place bets on the second selection.

If you lose your first selection, then it wouldn’t be possible for you to trigger the reverse bet. You will only lose a standard bet on the first selection. But, you will lose both the bets upon losing the two selections.

You will receive payouts on a win reverse bet based on the odds selection and size of your bets. By triggering the reverse bet, your second selection wins as well. Also, you can grab the payouts based on the odds of the second selection.

Pros and Cons of Win Reverse Bet

Here are the pros and cons you should consider while placing win reverse betting:


  • You can manage all your base expenses.
  • Huge Payouts
  • You can make use of the available funds efficiently.
  • Minimized risks
  • The best strategy for uncertain outcomes
  • Possibility to mitigate your losses or come out with a decent profit.


  • A difficult concept for beginners to understand and implement.
  • Lower winning chances when compared to action reverse bets.
  • The higher initial investment to win a single bet.
  • Huge overall losses if you lose both your bets compared to a single win bet. 

Win Reverse Bet vs Action Reverse Bet: Main Differences Revealed 

Although the win reverse bet and action reverse bet might seem similar to you, the main differences lie in handling the ties and secondary bets: 

Win Reverse Bet:

  • You can place a secondary bet only if the primary bet wins.
  • The entire bet will be lost if the primary bet loses.
  • You cannot place a secondary bet if the primary bet pushes.
  • Tie matches will be considered as a lost bet since there cannot be any possible outcome.
  • Used in Horse racing where tie matches are uncommon.

Action Reverse Bet:

  • You can place a secondary bet, no matter if you win or lose the primary bet.
  • The overall bet will be lost only if the secondary bet loses.
  • You can place a secondary bet even if the primary bet pushes.
  • You will be able to bet on a team with the possible results of a win, tie or cancelled matches
  • Used in sports bettings like football and cricket.

Overall, the action reverse bets have higher flexibility and potential payouts compared to the win reverse

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