Which is best: live casino or RNG(non-live) games?

If you are a live casino fan, you must be aware that right now there are two major categories of casino games in the online gambling world – the first one is RNG or Random Number generator games and the second one is Live Dealer games also called live casino games. There is a forever dilemma among players between these two game types. Let us understand about each of these game types and also try to analyze which one is better

Random Number Generator (RNG) Games

These are simply the electronic or computer aided version of the popular casino table games. They were actually the first type of online casino games that came into existence with the virtual casino versions. This type of game uses a computer program interface to determine the result of every round. Every table game that is available in the physical casinos has an online RNG version.

Advantages of RNG Games

Here are some of the major advantages or pros of playing the RNG games:

  • Wider game variety as compared to live casino games
  • Highest and lowest game stakes available on RNG platform
  • Huge bonuses with high yielding profitable deals
  • Game speed can be completely controlled by the player
  • RNG table games have been long in the history of casino games
  • Players can test the game by p;aying through the demo mode

Disadvantages of RNG Games

RNG games are quite popular with simple interface but has certain major drawbacks as follows:

  • RNG games are typically one player game so, these are not available as group games
  • Random computer generated result outcomes which may not always be true
  • Only existing games can be played with little or no innovation

Live Dealer Casino Games

Initially live dealer casino games were not as popular as it is today. As the realms of online casino games widened, people started expecting some fun, social excitement and interaction in the games to get over the boredom created by RNG games. It was then, the online casino decided to introduce some live dealer games that involve the virtual presence of a human dealer into the game. However, the high bandwidth and heavy internet requirement were against the games’ popularity in early days. But, today with the high end tech innovations, these have become the best option. It replicates the exact fun and ambiance of the physical casinos through enticing graphics and augmented reality.

Advantages of Live Casino Games

Live dealer casino games are a true favorite of many professional and beginner gamblers. Here are the pros of playing live dealer casino games:

  • Exciting interface
  • Realistic experience – live dealer facilitating gameplay makes it more interesting
  • Social and human experience involved
  • Great use of graphics and enticing visuals
  • Statistically analyzed reliable results

Disadvantages of Live Dealer Games

Listed below are the cons of playing live dealer casino games:

  • No demo mode available for the players
  • Very high minimum bet value
  • Faster and swift game pace as decided by the live dealer

Which is Better ? – RNG Games or Live Dealer Games?

Now, the question is – are RNG games overall better than the live casino games?

This is a perennial question in the world of casinos and it has practically no clear answer. Well, live dealer games are often considered better than RNG games. This is because in RNG games, the outcome is extremely erratic and a system generated which becomes difficult to understand and predict especially for the beginners. For the amateur players, live dealer games are better because it offers a level of realism quite resembling to the live offline casinos. If we weigh the overall pros and cons of both the game genres, the live casino games soar higher in success and profitability than RNG games.

Let us now understand why playing a live dealer game is better than playing a RNG game:

  • Live dealer games offer a better and more authentic gaming ambiance and experience than the RNG games. So, it is more enjoyable and realistic for the players.
  • RNG games are not as fun, realistic or interactive as the live dealer games. RNG games involve one to one interaction that makes the game boring and repetitive – often spoiling the gamer’s interest.
  • In RNG games, the game play and gaming results are completely dependent on the computer generated interface, so it is not quite authentic wheres, in real time live dealer games, the players can observe the games being played, cards being dealt by the dealers, so the players can believe in the game play and rest assured that they are into something legitimate and honest.

Overall, live dealer casino games are much more attractive and appealing for gamblers who are looking out for a more realistic casino gaming experience.

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