What To Do If Your Account Is Blocked At Online Casino?

Online casino gaming is meant to be a stress-free activity. It brings some delight and adds some color to your day. The point is not to make you worry that the online casino website might have blocked your account. To be clear, this is not a typical occurrence. So you shouldn’t worry about it happening every time you log into a casino, but it might happen right now. This article will help you to restore access to your blocked account and your hard won rewards.

Why have I lost access to my account?

Let’s look at a few possible causes for why your account is blocked before we move forward.

Although it might not always appear logical from your point of view. There is almost always a logical justification for why you were denied entry to the casino. We’ll go over the most typical reasons below:

Excessive Login attempts

Too many unsuccessful login attempts are one of the most frequent causes of casinos blocking out players from their accounts. This occurs when a person repeatedly tries to log in using an incorrect username or password. Protecting your account from unauthorized users trying to access your gambling account is a safety measure. In such a case, you can often email the online casino site. Or speak with an agent there via live chat to confirm your identification.

You failed to prove your identity.

Another reason of accounts ban is a failure to give valid identification documents. When you take money out of your account, something can happen. It can be seen as a violation because this appears in the terms and conditions of the casinos. If this occurs to you, get in touch with the online casino in a cool, collected manner to see what they can do to assist you.

Defaulting on the terms and conditions

Your account will probably be blocked if you violate any of the terms and conditions of the casino sites. As we briefly mentioned above. The casinos are not to blame for this. You are responsible for reading the terms and conditions and making sure you are in compliance. Read the T&C carefully and make sure you know what the online casino website is asking of you before making a deposit.

Fraudulent Activity

Your casino account’s days are numbered. If the casino have the suspicion that you’re attempting to engage in any fraudulent activity. Casinos have a strict and severe anti-fraud policy. Examples of this include giving false information. Or attempting to take advantage of the bonus system.

Many Accounts

Many account registration violates the terms and conditions of most casinos. Since each player is only permitted one account. Opening extra accounts will likely increase the chance that your account gets blocked. The online casino won’t have much trouble spotting this. Because they might catch your IP address or a withdrawal of funds to an account that is already connected. It is foolish to attempt to get beyond these security measures. You should be fine as long as you abide by these rules.

Being Minor

Casinos have a very severe restriction against gambling by minors. There are several causes for this. One reason the casino is so clear that gambling is only allowed for 18 and older is liability concerns. Second, it serves to prevent young teens and young children from making a financial commitment that they might not completely know.

What you must do to unlock your account?

You should calmly and politely contact customer service as soon as you become aware that your account has been locked. You can either do this through email or live chat, depending on the casino. Use the live chat to receive a quicker answer and maybe an explanation of why your account has been locked. Hopefully, you haven’t done anything really bad, and they can assist you in solving the problem right away.

Playing at large, reputable sites is always helpful when choosing a casino website. These websites typically offer educated staff and better customer service. They should be able to assist you immediately away for simple issues. If the situation is more complex. They can need you to email them certain identification proof.


There are situations when things don’t go as planned. You are now more prepared to handle the situation. If your casino account were to become blocked, which is a remote possibility. Just remember to maintain your cool, courtesy, and logic. If contacting the support doesn’t work, try seeking outside help.

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