What are Keno Odds? House Edge & Payout Charts to be known

Keno Odds are similar to other online gambling games like bingo or lottery, containing numbers between 1 and 80 in squares, where you need to pick the numbers and expect that the number matches the game.

Once you choose your numbers from 1 to 20 on a random basis, you have to register your ticket and pay the required amount for your bet. If you pick any number on the card, there are 1 in 4 chances or a 25% chance where the numbers will be drawn in the game.

For instance, if your selection has 10 out of 10 matching numbers, you will certainly get a huge payout when compared to 5 out of 10 being correct.

Before analyzing the payout charts, you need to be familiar with the basic terminologies and explore the variants of Keno to understand the concepts of house edge in detail…

Keno Odds: Basic Terminologies

To learn more about keno odds, you should glance at some important terms listed below:

  • Catch-All: The numbers you select are referred to as “Spots”.
  • Hot-Keno Numbers: Numbers drawn in recent contests and the variations cannot be the same.
  • Cold Keno Numbers: Numbers that haven’t occurred in the recent contests.
  • Match/ Catch: The number written on your ticket matches the one that is selected randomly.
  • Catch-All: Every number on your ticket is drawn.
  • Catch Zero: Few casinos offer payments when none of the numbers on your ticket is being drawn.
  • Aggregate Limit: The maximum payment threshold for a single round of Keno games.

Keno Variants

Here are the most popular variants of Keno you need to know:

1. Packaged Keno Odds:

Despite the probability being the same, you can grab your tickets for less money if you buy the tickets in huge numbers under the packaged keno odds scheme.

2. Caveman Keno Odds:

If you’re familiar with the regular keno rules, you can choose your numbers without requiring you to learn additional rules. At the same time, the computer selects three numbers on top of your election. If at least 2 out of 20 numbers are selected from the computer are drawn, you will certainly achieve a multiplier on your winnings.

3. Club Keno Odds:

Using the club keno odds, you can pick upto 10 numbers and place bets on a per-draw basis that starts at $1 and continues from $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, up to $20. Also, you can determine an option called “Easy Pick”, so that the numbers are randomly picked for you to offer huge odds and payouts.

4. Cleopatra Keno Odds:

The Cleopatra version of the Keno odds would be a perfect choice for you where you can succeed in 12 free games even if the last ball drawn makes a difference to you by completing the round as a winner.

Keno House Edge

The keno house edge is a mathematical benefit offered to all casino players calculated based on the odds of the game to represent the percentage of your bets you might lose in the long run. For example, if the house edge is 30%, you would lose $30 on average for the bet placed on every $100.

You need to be aware of the fact that the more numbers you choose, the higher the potential payout with the fewer chances of winning the game.

Following a strategic approach reduces the Keno house edge rate. One such method is to participate in Keno games that have lower house edges. Mainly, you need to spend some time scrutinizing the pay tables and performing some research to figure out the best odds.

Select fewer numbers to increase your winning chances which helps to diminish the losses. As a result, fixing limits on your bets, time and budget helps you to remain controlled and control risks.

Keno Payout Charts

It’s time to find out the different payouts of Keno games in the classic format and observe the odds chart. The below table shows various combinations of numbers selected, matched numbers, exact odds and the profits you can make from a $1 bet:

Selected NumbersMatched NumbersOddsEstimated winning amountPercentage Chance to WinEstimated RTP
81:30,630            $2,500
9            1:163,380$10,000
10            1:8,911,710$200,000


Overall, Keno is one such classic gambling contest based on a simple concept of picking and matching the numbers drawn to win.

However, it is crucial to understand the basics of the house edge in Keno as they can alter your final odds of winning due to several factors like picking a targeted number of spots, pay table and game rules.

Ultimately, you can enhance your success rate by playing Keno games responsibly only by selecting contests that have favourable payout tables.

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