What Is An Action Reverse Bet And How Does It Work?

An action reverse bet is a bet which allows you to bet on two to eight games. It goes hand in hand with “If Bets”. A betting type similar to parlay bet where all your bets depending on the bets which are one prior to it. Reverse bets permit you to make your if bets with reverse action. That means you have bets placed in two methods. In case your first guess wins or pushes, then your second bet will be placed, or bet two wins, place one.

An action reverse bet allows you to bet on two to eight games similar to parlay bets. However, the bets are placed depending on the one prior to it. That means your first bet must win to your second bet to be positioned, and then your 2nd bet will need to win on your third to be positioned, and so forth. Then, with action reverse betting, you may have a secondary bet that goes in reverse. So, your fourth bet must win before your third, your third bet must win before your 2nd bet is placed, and the second must win before your first bet is positioned.

Basically, you’re putting 2 bets, the second bet will be in reverse order – reversing the action.

How does Action Reverse bet work?

Let us take a simple example in which you want to bet on NFL Sunday. You make a decision to choose three bet options that occur at specific points in the day. The point to keep in mind is that a reverse motion bet can be started at any time in a game.

New England Patriots-one hundred fifty (1:15 pm game) you place a $50 bet to win $83.33

Baltimore Ravens -120 (4:15 pm game) you place an $80 bet to win $146.67

Chicago Bears +250 (Sunday night time football at 8 pm) you place a $50 to win $200.

You win $300 in total if your “if bets” wins.

Your first guess will look like an If bet, if you’re familiar with the ones. This timetable works nicely for explaining how depending on one over another format works as the games don’t occur at the same time. If each bet is accurate, the next bet will be activated, and “if bet” may be continued further. If the New England Patriots win the game before time, you will win the bet. Your second bet on the ravens will be activated; to win the bet you need the ravens also to win before time to activate your final bet.

As soon as your third and final bet is activated; you may need the Bears to win for your complete If bet slip to cash.

The timeline is reversed when we are placing a bet for action reverse. We are coming from the opposite way. Your second run of reverse action will start with $50 bet on the bears at +300. You will be returned $200. Moreover, your second bet on ravens will continue ahead and a bet of $80 will be placed on ravens at -120. That will make you a winner of $146.67. Moreover, your third leg of your bet will be patriots at -150, which will make you a winner of $83.33. If you place your bet on this format you will also win $300 additionally.

An awesome trick to hold in mind while reversing your “if bets”, is to bet comparable amounts on the first and final leg. This will help you not to lose extra money if you lose any on the bets. All bets depend on one earlier than it, so if the Ravens lost, your bets might lose both ways. Like parlays, all elements of your Action reverse bet needs to be correct to be eligible for winnings. You actually need to be positive together with your bets, especially your center one; because it’s the only bet which is similar to your initial bet and the reverse action bet.

Best way to win a reverse action bet (tips)

  • Tip 1-Tools like the win reverse bet calculator will help you to calculate your odds and check whether the outcome you get will make you a profit or loss.
  • Tip 2- Division of the bankroll is also one of the most important factors to increase your profit. Divide your bankroll into equal parts on the basis of how many win reverse bets you are going to place.
  • Tip 3- Practice again and again with free bets unless you become familiar with all the rules of Action reverse bet.

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