What Does Poker Bluff Mean and their Different Types?

Poker bluff, also known as “bluffing,” are what we’re referring to when we discuss bluffing, meaning, and poker. This idea advises that you place a bet (a raise) with a hand that is pretty weak. It is an important part of many players’ tactics. On the other hand, there are many ways to bluff, including total when your hand of cards is useless. And partial when you have a chance of winning with cards that haven’t yet been revealed.

However it is also possible for the other player bluff to work. Especially when we consider that, sometimes, in poker, it is easy to take a risk. And turn an average hand with value into a bluff with the hope that your opponent throws a better hand than yours. And thereby changes the situation and wins it for you. The player accepts the chance with knowing that he could lose it if one of the opponents sees it or calls it.

Therefore, the main goal of the bluff is to “cheat” the opponent into throwing a better hand than ours, raising the winnings. This can happen at any time during the game. And the only way for the plan to succeed is if the opponent folds. Now, if we focus on the term itself (bluff meaning). A true poker bluff could only be done when we are on the river. As in any other case where our hand could get better depending on the cards that are still to be dealt. (Technically it would be a semi-bluff, since there are still cards to be known, as we have explained above).

Different types of poker bluff

A vital part of playing poker is bluffing. Which means making a bet or raising with a poor hand or no hand at all in an effort to fool your opponents into believing you have a strong hand. Here are a few examples of the various poker bluffs:

Semi-Bluff: The bluff you need to use often is the semi-bluff. With a hand that is right now weak but has a chance to get stronger on future streets. This bluff is made.

These are the best bluffs to use because you can either force your opponent to fold with your bluff. Or create the best hand by the river, giving you two ways to win.

Draws like flush and straight draws are common in semi-bluffs. However, a hand with two extra cards may also be qualified.

Stone-Cold Bluff: When a player has nothing and little to no way to better their hand. They make a stone-cold bluff. The riskiest plays are the one in which you have no chance of winning the hand if you get called. Therefore, you should only employ stone-cold threats when you think your opponent has a limited range.

If your range contains too many number of stone-cold bluffs. You will be lying too frequently and the other player will find it simpler to call against you.

Continuation bluff: A continuation bet is made after being the pre-flop aggressor. Whether or not your hand has improved, and occurs when you bet after the flip. This kind of bluff works well because it forces opponents who didn’t see the flop to fold.

Reverse Bluff: A reverse bluff is when you play weak or passively to give a sense that you have a weak hand to your opponents. And then you place a big bet or raise on the next street to take the pot.

Overbet Bluff: An overbet bluff is when you place a bet that is far greater than the pot size. Your opponents may feel under a lot of strain as a result and believe you hold a very strong hand.

Polarized bluff: A polarized bluff is when you raise or bet with either an extremely strong or an extremely weak hand. Making it hard for your opponents to pin you on a particular hand range.


When you bluff, you are forced to attempt to prove to your opponent that you have different cards than what you actually hold. Since it is obvious that you believe the cards you hold now are insufficient for victory. To become a good poker player. You must master the skill of lying. When your bluff fails in poker, it can be one of the worst feelings. However, one of the best feelings is when you win or spot an adversary’s bluff.

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