What are Sucker Sports Bets and How Do You Avoid Them?

You must have heard the term “sucker bets” if you have been gambling for any length of time. It’s obvious to you that it’s not fun and for good reason!

Something only a “sucker” or stupid would place is a sucker bet. Most often, these errors are committed by casual, non-serious gamblers. Yet, even the most profitable bettor will make bad choices. Most of the time, casual bettors ignore game strategy that affects the result. They are thus the ones who become victims of sucker bets.

What are Sucker Sports bets?

As the name suggests, a sucker bet is precisely that—a bet that someone foolish would make. But, the meaning of this might be obscured by the term. The chance that a bet would win has minimal bearing on a sucker bet. In sports betting, a sucker bet refers to whether a player is correctly playing their odds.

Even if you have to think that your bets have a real probability of winning. A sure thing can turn out to be a sucker’s gamble. A sucker bet would be made, for example, if you bet straight up on a favorite that was -650. Although there is little likelihood of it failing. The danger exceeds the benefit by a wide margin.

Sucker bets do not have any long-term worth. This explains why parlays may be tempting and why moneyline bets can be so difficult. If you have to wager $75 to win $10, for example, that is a sucker bet since you are taking on too much risk. You will suffer more losses than gains. That also applies to placing an absurd 11-team parlay with odds of +12675. Even though the reward is large, you will lose that bet by a significant margin.

Most Common Sucker bets

Below are the three sucker’s bets that we see most often.

The biggest error made by bettors, especially those who bet for fun. They place a bet without doing any research. What is the point of sticking with one sportsbook when others provide higher odds on the same wager?

Coin Toss

A coin toss appears to be simple, with a 50/50 probability of coming up head or tail. Yet, coin toss bets are unprofessional and completely worthless.


For the only reason that the house has the most advantage, these are sucker bets. There is danger for the bettor and parlays rarely offer any value. You have to choose well in many games. But, if you make one bad decision, you lose all your money.


These types of bets resemble parlays in many ways. Yet, pleasers, as opposed to parlays, end up being sucker bets regardless of the side you select.

How to avoid sucker bet sports?

You are going to fall prey to sucker bets sports if you have an incorrect knowledge of wagers and odds. We’re not suggesting that you can avoid these jerks. Yet, you may reduce your chances of suffering a huge financial loss by using some clever tips and advice. Thus, the following advice may be useful in avoiding the sucker bet sports:

Don’t wager on sports you don’t know

Betting on sports about which you know nothing at all makes no sense. It is stupid to follow market trends mindlessly without having any knowledge of the sport you are betting on. This also holds for casino games.

Don’t forget to compare odds

We cannot stress more how crucial this betting behavior is! The failure to shop around for better odds is a major factor in bettors falling victim to sucker bets. The biggest sucker sports bets are those with negative values.

Avoid letting emotions affect your betting choices

Being an emotionless robot is the finest thing you can be when it comes to sports betting. Know that beating the sportsbook is more important than cheering on your favorite team.

Avoid betting parlays and pleasers

Avoid clear parlays and pleasers as much as you can, regardless of how serious you are about your betting. Why? It’s not easy to win them.

Do not bet too much money

Your bankroll is all you have as a bettor, so try not to wager too much. Thus, avoid raising your usual wagering quantity. That is, when you are winning, do not increase your bets. Chasing losses also doesn’t work better.


Hardly there are any warning signs alerting gamblers and sports bettors about sucker bets. It does not, however, imply that they are nonexistent. It can be difficult to bet, and there are situations where the reward is not worth the risk. Thus, you should be aware of these and avoid them at all times. Being aware of what sucker bets are and making wise decisions while placing a bet are the best ways to avoid them.

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