Top Online Gambling Apps in Bangladesh

You can find the best online casinos and sports books in Bangladesh, as well as a wide range of other ways to play. Whether a new player or a pro, you’ll find everything you need to know here. This guide to online Gambling Apps for Bangladeshis has information about betting on sports, going to casinos, and playing poker. Keep reading if you want to learn more about online Gambling Apps. If you’re ready to play, get a bonus from one of the best sites we’ve picked.


Crickex is a name that everyone who bets on sports has heard of. Crickex, one of the best in the business, is a well-known, reliable betting site known for its high level of security. Even though Crickex is one of the biggest online Gambling Apps, it is always adding new incentives and improving its service. This sign-up bonus has some of betting sites’ fairest and easy-to-understand requirements. If you’re a gambler from Bangladesh looking for the best welcome offer, Crickex is a good choice.


If you’re used to more traditional online Gambling Apps, the Jeetwin interface may take some getting used to. It is because this bookmaker’s homepage doesn’t have a menu. Instead, it has a series of tabs, sections, and banners that help you find what you need. It also has a search bar, which is a good way to save space and use it efficiently. The site looks clean and simple because of all of these things. Not only does the jeetwin website look great, but it also works well even when busy. Everything is easy to get to, and you don’t have to wait around much. We think Jeetwin is the best online betting site in Bangladesh because it is the easiest to use.


22Bet has shown over and over again why it is the best service for live betting. You can bet on soccer, horse racing, cricket, and tennis at 22Bet, among other sports. But that’s not all: The people who use 22Bet have access to a feature that no one else does. Bangladeshi Taka, Bangladesh’s currency, can place bets on 22Bet.

What is the Best Mobile Gambling Apps, and Who Offers Them?

Mobile Gambling Apps are becoming more and more popular, and many betting sites now have apps for both Android and iOS. So, how do you choose the best mobile app? A fast app load time and an easy-to-use user interface are the two most important parts of a good mobile app. It would help if you also thought about how big and deep your mobile betting markets are, how good your promotions are, how good your customer service is, and how you can pay.

Based on what we’ve found, Crickex is the best Gambling App for mobile devices. Their software is better than other online betting apps because it has many features that are useful and new. The app’s live betting feature gives users access to a wide range of markets that are laid out clearly. Not only that, but this bookmaker is one of the few that has a mobile app that lets you watch games in real-time.

Which Bangladesh Betting Site is Best?

Bangladesh has a thriving online gambling industry, so people who want to bet can choose from various fun betting platforms. We’ve looked at a lot of Gambling Apps, and is the one that has the most services for Bangladeshi bettors. Check out our list of the top 5 betting sites in Bangladesh so you can choose the best one for you.

Which Online Betting Sites take Bangladeshi Taka?

Most online gambling sites don’t let you deposit or withdraw Bangladeshi Taka. But gamblers in Bangladesh can use their currency at Crickex and Jeetwin to deposit and withdraw money. Bangladeshi bettors should know that if they use a site that doesn’t accept Bangladeshi Taka, they may have to pay more because they’ll have to convert their money. See the section of this guide that talks about Gambling Apps that accept Bangladeshi Taka to find out more.

What is Bangladesh’s Most Popular Online Bet?

When discussing online gambling in Bangladesh, it is impossible not to talk about cricket. Cricket is popular in Bangladesh, just like soccer in Italy. People all over the country bet on cricket over the internet. In Bangladesh, many people like to bet on live cricket games. If you want to know more about how popular online Gambling Apps are in Bangladesh, check out our section on live betting.

Can People Make Bets in Bangladesh?

Running a land-based casino or sports book in Bangladesh is against the law. Bets can place on horse races when they happen at the track. No other sports are allowed to be bet on. But because they are not governed by Bangladeshi law, residents can still use foreign online Gambling Apps. Read on to learn more about how online gambling works in Bangladesh.


We hope this page about Bangladeshi online casinos helped you find what you were looking for. What you’ve seen on this tour is a small sample of all the gambling-related information on our site. If you’re new here, we suggest using the top navigation bar to learn more about the games you like. 

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Bangladeshi Casino Sites
Crickex LKR
Crickex LKR

Reload Bonus up to Rs.5100

Crickex NPR
Crickex NPR

Refer Bonus up to रु.600


Casino Bonus up to ৳20,000

Crickex BDT
Crickex BDT

Refer Bonus up to ৳200


Sign up Bonus ৳500