Top 5 Casino And Poker Cheating Scandals That Shocked The World

Online fraud, cheating, and duping are omnipresent, leaving no scope to fool people. Casinos, both online and land-based, have also had a fair share of cheating scandals in the past few years.  While some cheating and fraud incidents were very minor, few shocked the world and became the talk of the town for quite a while. 

If you’re also interested to know about these infamous casino and poker cheating scandals then we might help you out. 

1. Use of Counterfeit Chips 

How would you feel when you learn that you’re in a part of a tournament that used fake chips? You will feel disheartened for sure.  It happened in 2014 when a seasoned poker player, named Christian Luadardi, was found guilty of using counterfeit poker chips in one of the greatest poker tournaments, the Borgata Winter Open tournament.

He planned to bag the winnings worth $372,000 using the fake chip, used to up his stack on the first day of the tournament.  Investigations revealed that $2.7 million worth of fake chips of 5,000 denominations were in the pipes. However, his trickery was short-lived as the organizers of the tournaments found the fraud quickly. 

The tournament was stopped and it was put behind bars for five years. 

2. Mike Postle Poker Cheating Scandal

This cheating scandal took place in 2018-2019 at the Stones Gambling Hall and raised many questions about the security measures used by land-based and online casinos. Mike Postle was just an ordinary man until he came into the limelight for this scandal. He kept on winning one game after another and pulling some of the biggest poker pots. 

The Stones Gambling Hall used to stream the games directly on their official YouTube and social media channels.  Gamblers across the world were participating in these games and were able to see the action unfolding in front of them. 

The organizers of these streams used RFID chips for easy and quick player’s hole card identifications. However, they have grown suspicious of Postle when he became the only player with only wins marked on his name.   

Veronica Brill a commentator for live streams played the game to call out Mike for this cheating. She revealed that he was accessing RFID data illegally to steal the RFIDs of other players.  Even though he denied accusations, it’s hard to believe that luck can favour so much to any player. However, the lack of suitable evidence caused the casino to charge Mike as guilty. 

3. Black Friday 

It’s very hard to discuss casino and poker cheating scandals, which happened across the world, and not discuss the Black Friday scandal. It took place on April 15, 2011, and is still one of the most notorious casino scandals of all time. During this time, the online poker industry was sprouting in the US.  

On that specific Friday, a single action from the United States Department of Justice caused a huge rucksack amongst the users of the three largest US online casinos, PokerStars, Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet, and Full Tilt. The department unsealed indictments against these three casinos, resulting in the hurried shutdown of the website and frozen accounts. 

In addition, many poker professionals also turned unemployed overnight. Users of these casinos were not sure whether they would be able to withdraw their winnings or not. However, PokerStars paid back the winnings within a few months of the incident while Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet, players did not get their money back until 2017. 

4. Robert Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein Scandal 

If you’re thinking that cheating in a live dealer game is a tough nut to crack then you must learn about Robert Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein. These two manage to cheat in a high-stake live game, organized by Hustler Casino Live. With 8♣7♣, Adelstein raised while Robin Jade Lew made a call with an average poker hand of  J♣4♤.

Lew has very low winning odds against Adelstein. Yet, he kept playing and made a min-raise at the time of his turn. Adelstein, on the other hand, preferred to go all-in and then Lew called Lucky River’s card on his turn, resulting in a win only with Jack

5. 2024 GGPoker Superuser Scandal

Recently, GGPoker experienced a cheating incident through a player named “MoneyTaker69”. It was deemed a superuser and has hassle-free access to multiple poker tools such as seeing other players’ cards or accessing other useful information.

He was charged with misusing his privileges as a superuser in a cash game, resulting in cheating.

Final Say 

Cheating is not new to the Poker or any other game.  A single loophole in how a casino operates can leave scope for the players with poor intentions. Hence, choose the online casino wisely, keep your wits with you, and play wisely. 

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