Top 3 Video Poker Game Strategy 2022 Explained

Hello to all poker peeps out there are you, make yourself ready to learn some basic video poker strategies that will help you beat the odds and help you become the king of your castle. By following some best Video Poker Strategies, you can win and rule the Video Poker game.

One of the better possibilities for beginner gamblers is video poker. The majority of video poker games are simple to learn and easy to play. And the return percentages are higher than those of most other casino games if you know which pay tables to hunt for them.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top three Video Poker Strategies. By following the top three strategies you can make your winning chances higher.

What is Video Poker?

In simple words, video poker is a game of skill. When playing a slot machine, you deposit your money, pull the handle, or press the spin button, and then you wait in the hopes of being lucky enough to get a winning combination. In video poker, it is your skill in playing the cards that affect the outcome of the game.

there is one other big difference between video poker and slot machines that we should mention and that is you never know what percentage a slot machine is set to pay back to the public but you can always calculate a video poker machine’s payback percentage.

1. Know Your Time and Money.

Yeah, we know this video poker strategy is as old as time but there is a reason why it remains fresh and relevant throughout the decades. we don’t want to sound like your mother but, you better learn how to manage your time and money when it comes to playing video poker. This video poker strategy will help you keep your playing habits on the good side.

Video Poker is a game of patience, and if you rush through the game, you will make hasty decisions and lose all your money. If you face two losses continuously, stop playing Video Poker. And yes, before playing any of the casino games, even video poker, you better study all the rules.

Along with this, stop considering yourself a pro video poker player otherwise, you will again lose all your money while playing video poker. The essence of a successful poker player is knowing the rules.

2. Kick Out the Kicker.

Now, for those of you who don’t know the kicker card is actually a sideshow of every poker game, it is not the card that is helping you score the winning combination but the card that can break the tie between you and the opponent.

In this case, the algorithm says that the kicker sounds quite powerful as the kicker can kick someone anytime. The kicker sounds like the bodyguard card right? No, the kicker can be the determining card. But it happens so rarely that you shouldn’t even bother focusing on it.

The best and most efficient way to win at video poker is to focus on cards that make winning combinations and if the kicker can kick in. But, if the kicker doesn’t kick in don’t even think about it. This is the best video poker strategy that you can follow while playing video poker.

3. Choose the Right Game with the Right Odds.

Now, this is a video poker strategy that literally every video poker player should follow while playing video poker. The final and the best piece of strategy we can give you is to do your homework and choose the right game with the lowest house edge.

If there’s one thing in which you can beat the house it’s video poker. If you don’t believe us, then you check out about this on the internet. Video poker is a game of skill which means you have more control over the outcome than in any other game.

Most video poker games have an RTP of more than 99 but guess what it can be even higher. For example; Jack or Better comes with a 99.54 RTP but Deuces Wild comes with an RTP of 100.71%. In simple words, you have an advantage over the game, and even though these changes in percentages might be small but they make a world of difference.

Just think about it, would you give up your one percent income? No, then don’t give up your edge either now.


So, these were the top three video poker strategies. If you want, you can use all three strategies while playing the video poker game

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