Slot Volatility: Three Main Types of Volatility in Slot Games

There is no doubt that slot is one of the most attractive games. The thing that makes it more attractive is that its base on luck means chance. Although you can’t influence the game’s outcome with your actions, knowing the concepts related to slot machines like Slot Volatility is still essential. It will help you to make the best decision. 

While if you wonder why you have to be familiar with the terms, if it is all about luck, the answer is because of risk control. Although you can’t influence the game’s outcome, you can always decide which game to play. Keep in mind that slots are available in different forms and have a long history. In this short guide, you will learn what is slot volatility and get information about its three main types.

Slot Volatility:

Variance and Slot Volatility are the same terms used in different online slot casinos. It measures how often the slot is likely to hit a winning combination. In addition, it works as the most important factor when counting your winning probability. So, this will help you to know about your winning probability in the top online slot casinos. It will also help you know the risk linked with the different types of slots. 

Types of Slot Volatility:

The volatility of the slot machines indicates whether the machine you are playing is high, medium, or low risk. This indicator will allow you to select the best slots. It also gives you an idea of how often you will gain or lose while playing. If you have a small budget, you must choose smaller risk slots. There are three major types of Slot Volatility in the slot game. These types will help you to know how often or how big your payout will be.

1. Low Slot Volatility:

You can expect to win small wins when you proceed to the next level in the online slot game. The low Slot Volatility involves minimal risk. However, the payouts may be smaller, but they frequently appear in the slot game. You can expect many returns on your slot game with just a few spins. So, if the animation does not sway you, these low-volatility slot games offer good payouts. 

A low volatility slot will give you more chances of wins but with very small wins, ranging from 250 to 500 times the bet. However, they are not as exciting as the higher volatility slot, but the fact that that they provide frequent payouts. It makes it more appealing to many players. Other benefits to choosing a low volatility slot include easier bankroll management, smaller loss, and longer playtime. These games lack the element of a big jackpot. 

2. Medium Slot Volatility:

This type of Slot Volatility makes a fine line between the low and high volatility slot games. However, these games may look turn-off slightly to players, but higher wins still spot in this type of volatility of slot. The risk and winning payout are within the middle range in medium volatility slot games. Therefore, you can expect good returns on your bets. The appropriate payout too often makes this slot game worth a pick.

3. High Slot Volatility:

This slot volatility may not give you winnings as frequently as low and medium-volatility slot games. In the high volatility slot, the wins are not recurring but will appear rarely. However, the winning amount will be no less than a jackpot, and you may play over 50 spins without a single win. Therefore, you must be well aware of the pros and cons of this type of Slot Volatility. These are perfect for those who are risk takers, and the winning amount is worth the wait. Even high volatility slot game does come with a higher RTP. It will make the slot game more thrilling and attractive.

How to Find Slot Volatility?

There are three potential options for determining a Slot Volatility. Ideally, the online casino will tell you about the volatility when you click to see its info. Another option to find the volatility of a slot is to Google search. You have to search the slot title with the word volatility, and hopefully, you will find some information. You can also try out the slot in demo practice mode. It usually gives you a good idea of the volatility of the slot. It is smart to try a slot in demo practice mode before risking real money. Playing the game is the only way to understand if the slot is for you.


Whether you choose low, medium, or high Slot Volatility, you must prepare yourself for losses. It would help if you never got restless while playing these volatility slots. So, weighing all the conditions before playing any slot volatility is better

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