Three Card Poker – Ante Play Odds Strategy

Three Card Poker is one of the easiest casino games to learn while offering the player a chance to win some big money. It’s exactly as advertised you get three cards and the dealer gets three cards and the best poker hand wins. A standard 52-card deck is used to play the thrilling poker game known as Three Card Poker. There are three methods to play and four ways to win in Three Card Poker. Along with this, there are many more things in Three Card Poker that we will be going to talk about in this article.

Rules of Three Card Poker.

In Three Card Poker there are two bets – The Ante and Play Bet and the second Pair Plus Bet. Starting with the ante and play bet, the ante bet is basically your buy-in for the game and it’s your three cards against the dealers. You place your bet in the anti-circle and look at your cards.

After this, you have to decide if you want to continue playing the hand or if you want to fold. If you like your hand and want to continue playing simply match your original bet and place it in the play circle. if you have a bad hand and don’t want to continue just fold and you will only lose your ante bet.

Now the lowest hand you’re recommended to play would be a queen and 10 or 9 and whatever your third card is. For example; let’s say your hand is king, 8, and 4. You’d want to play this hand with the king high and hope that’s enough to beat the dealer. If you don’t have a queen and 10 or 9 or higher you can fold and lose your auntie bet.

When the dealer flips over their cards they’ll need to have at least a queen in their hand to qualify; what that means is if the dealer doesn’t have a queen or higher, they have to fold the hand and you win.

When this happens you only get paid your auntie bet because once the dealer doesn’t qualify your play bet gets pushed back to you. If the dealer does have a queen or higher and you play with your hand; then the best three cards will win. If you win you will get paid even money on both the ante and play bet.

Now, let’s talk about Pair Plus Bet. Pair Plus Bet is exactly as advertised as well if you get a pair or better you automatically win; if you don’t have a pair you lose the pair plus bet. The dealer will have three cards that have nothing to do with the pair plus bet; they could have three kings and you could have a pair of twos and you would still win.

In simple words, Pair Plus bets to compete with a defined reward table. To get a pair or better is the goal of the Pair Plus wager. Pair Plus allows the player to wager just against their own hand, not the dealer’s hand. They win the Pair Plus stake if their hand has a pair or greater.

Any sum between the minimum and maximum bets shown at the table may be used for a Pair Plus wager. Regardless of the dealer’s hand, players are paid out for pair-plus combinations.

Three Card Poker Strategies.

Here is the best strategy that you can use in Three Card Poker:

Ante-Play Odds Strategy.

The ante-play combination is a bet where your hand will beat the hand of the dealer. You will begin with an ante. After you’ve seen your cards, you may either fold or make a play bet that is equal to your ante. You get a 1-1 payout on your ante and your bet pushes regardless of whether your hand beats the dealer if you choose to bet and the dealer does not have Queen or better.

If the dealer has Queen or better, then the dealer plays; and you must beat the dealer in order to win. Both the ante and the play bet payout at 1-1 if you win. The dealer keeps your ante and bets if you lose.

If your highest card and the dealer’s highest card are the same, the tie is broken by the second-highest card. The third-highest card is used to break ties when your top and second-highest cards are the same. The hand is a tie and your bets are returned to you if all three cards happen to be the same.


In this article, we have explained the rules of Three Card Poker and also explained the Ante-Play Odds Strategy which is one of the best strategies for Three card poker. We hope you found this article helpful and informative

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