The Worst Sports Betting Advice Ever Heard

Over the years, I’ve heard many bad tips about sports betting. I’ve read and heard countless strategies and tips. While some of them have been popular. Most of them are awful.

The worst sports betting advice I’ve ever heard is listed below to assist you to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

Although it’s not meant to be a helpful guide on how to place winning sports bets. Learning about some of the incorrect advice you could read or hear can help you earn more money over time.

Home favorites are almost always wise bets

One of the most crucial lessons you can learn on your way to becoming a good sports bettor is why this isn’t true today.

Offering betting chances in a way that enables bookmakers to earn long-term profits is their line of business. Sports bettors aim to come up with plans for placing these bets. These allow them to profit in the long run. It is clear that neither the betting site nor the gamblers can make money.

Sports bookies are businesses. Therefore they study how some bettors profit and make changes to their systems. To cut off as many profit-making opportunities as they can.

To put it another way, bookmakers are wise.

Sportsbooks change their odds. So it is no longer useful when gamblers discover strategies to regularly make money.  Such as when betting on home favorites was profitable.

The two key lessons you should take away from this are.  Always seek out and create better methods and systems. Never share any winning systems or methods you may have created.

The heavy favorite is a free bet on the money line.

Gamblers must place huge bets for a small return on the major money line favorites. They appear to be a lock. Yet perfect betting is required when betting in this way.

Take, for instance, a matchup between the University of North Texas and the reigning national champion Georgia Bulldogs. On the money line, the Bulldogs would be a huge favorite, and for good reason.

If the line is +3000, you would have to bet $3000 in order to win $100. It appears to be a simple way to make $100 by letting the casino store your money for a few hours.

However, you must score a perfect 30 and 0 in order for this bet to be successful. We all know how often upsets occur in college football. So the chance of going even 28 and 2 is low.

The only play in a defense matchup is to bet the under.

The overall opinion in sports bars and loser rooms around the world is. Always bet the under when two defensively sound teams face off.

If bookmakers always used a flat total for all games. That would be good advice, but casinos are far smarter than that. Before the general public has the chance to make a bet. The calculation is changed and fixed.

The experts at pro betting know just where to place the line. So that both sides can play. It’s vital to keep in mind that you are competing for the money on the other side of a bet. However not with the sports book’s money.

Casinos don’t worry about being right or incorrect. All they ask for is equal bets on both sides.

They’re Unbeatable

It’s best to ignore claims that a team can never lose whenever you hear them. There is no such thing as a “lock,” and believing that there is one will destroy your money.

The random nature of sporting events is what makes them so exciting. No matter how much a team or rival is liked. The impossible can still happen.

It would be great if you always chose value above the hype. Finding chances that will almost always go in your favor is how you turn a profit when you bet on sports.

The issue with backing a team that is unbeatable is that bettors will put all their bets in one basket. You might spend all of your money if that team loses.


These are the worst sports betting advice ever given. Unfortunately, the list is endless. To cover all the bad sports betting advice available. We would need a full collection of books. Find solid sources for sound information to start. Then build up from there if you want to take your sports betting to the next level. Sports betting can be highly valuable. However, it also demands hard effort and self-control.

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