Strategies to Play Live Dragon Tiger Casino Games

Casino games are something interesting and exciting all over the world. The twists of the games give you fun while playing. This is why the number of casino lovers is increasing day by day. You can earn money through these gambling games. Just invest a numb amount as the participation fee, and you will get a chance to withdraw or grab more money than you deposited. Live Dragon Tiger casino games are something just similar here.

If you are new to is game, you need to acquire some specific knowledge regarding the game. As much as will know the basic things, your experience will increase, and the chances of winning will grow accordingly. Let’s see this online live game and some worthy strategies that may help you.

Live Dragon Tiger Casino:

The Dragon Tiger is a live casino game that millions of people love. Basically, it is a Cambodian gambling game. The game gained massive fame quickly because of its simplicity and speed of motion. You can play this game on software like Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Xpro Gaming, etc. The sites only differ based on their reward rates. Here, they offer an eight-deck live Dragon Tiger game with an efficient and professional dealer in a full HD video. You have to play the game using cards and your calls. You also may get help from the dealers if you need clarification about the rules of the Live Dragon Tiger casino games. However, let’s move to the rules of the game.

Rules of Dragon Tiger casino game:

The game is one of the easy-to-play casino games in the world of casinos. Here you have to deal with two cards. On the table, one card will be for dragon betting, and another will be for betting on the tiger. You have to predict whether a dragon or tiger will come higher and make a bet. If you go correct, you win the bet. You can also call your bet a ‘Tie .’

Aces are considered the lowest-ranked cards, and King is the highest. The King card is counted as 13, and Queen is 12, etc. In case it gets a tie – both the Dragon and Tiger position will be dealt as a card with the same value. Here the players will lose 50% of their bet on either Tiger or Dragon. Winners will receive points or rewards for their bets at the end of every round.

The Live Dragon Tiger casino game betting will depend only on the dealers. Besides, some other facts also depend on whether the dealer will have a higher card- Dragon or Tiger, Whether the cards will be of the same value or not, whether it will be below or above 7, etc.

Strategies for this game:

Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy is the most popular for betting on casino gambling games in the world. In the Live Dragon Tiger casino game, it also works perfectly. The idea of the strategy is to double your bet after every loss. It sounds risky, but thus you may get an opportunity to recover the losses. As an example, you place a bet of $5 on Dragon and lose. You bet on Dragon again by doubling the amount, which is $10. If you lose again, raise it to $20 and carry it on until you win. Thus, when you finally win, you will get the entire amount back along with your deserving bet.

Card-counting Strategy

The live Dragon Tiger casino game has many variations, depending on the dealer and the software. Even some variations use eight 52-card decks, which is much more than others. Each time, you have to remember which cards are eliminated and which remain for play. This information might be worthy of calling small or big side bets as you can predict whether a high or low-value card is more likely to appear. You can also call a tie, knowing that many similar cards are left for play.

Suit-based Strategy

Card counting can deal similarly for suits. Suppose you know few heart cards are left in the deck; you may go for Black. You can also try to guess a suited tie. It may also pay out up to 50:1.


Playing live Dragon Tiger casino games is a relatively easy task. You have to try your fate over the deck. Strategies can add extra perfection. But if you possess basic knowledge and a little bit of common sense, you can easily call a “Check met.”

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