Spanish Blackjack 21 – Basic Strategy to Play for Real Money

Spanish 21 is a Blackjack variant that is easily accessible in online casinos across the globe. This blackjack variant consists of the lowest house edge. Spanish blackjack 21 is a classic casino banked game that has evolved a lot in recent years.

It is available in so many online websites where players have the opportunity to beat the dealer from the comfort of their surroundings, be it at home or on the go.

This game has slightly different rules as compared to blackjack. Some of the rules are confusing if you don’t know how to play blackjack. In Spanish 21, there are certain cards that have been removed from the game. And moreover, spanish blackjack supports various bonus schemes and awards when you form a total of 21 hands.

Have you ever played this amazing Spanish blackjack? If not, then you are at the right place. In this guide you will get to know in depth information about Spanish Blackjack rules and strategies.

The Rules of Spanish Blackjack 21.

People who are evolved in playing blackjack might get confused by the rules of spanish 21. Yeah, the game is played with eight or six decks containing 48 cards each. 10s from the game are removed and only the court cards stay there. The removal of 10s works as a disadvantage to the player. But in Spanish 21 variants, it compensates with every liberal rule.

In Spanish 21, the dealer must hit soft 17 in most versions of the game. Rule S17 applies in this game to find the Spanish blackjack tables. Here, the dealer must hit soft 17 in order to beat the house. When the dealer and players both get blackjacks, the player’s blackjack wins the game at a ratio of 3:2.

How to play Spanish 21?

So far we have understood that there is a minor difference between the rules of blackjack and Spanish 21. Spanish 21 has a higher house edge as compared to traditional blackjack. Spanish 21 was named as such because it is played with a Spanish deck of cards, which is only 48 cards, with the four 10s removed from the original 52 deck. The face cards which value 10 remain, however the removal of the four 10s means it is harder to get 21.

Basic Strategies To Play Spanish Blackjack 21 For Real Money

1. Get the proper Spanish 21 strategy chart

If you want to play Spanish 21 in the best manner then you must have a strategy chart that helps you to make decisions based on your total and dealer’s up card.  There are some exceptions also where this strategy chart doesn’t work. Lets see the exceptional cases.

Spanish 21 has a fun side bet called Match the Dealer. This wager is based on matching either of your first two cards with the dealer’s upcard. Now we have the following outcomes of payout. Two suited matches, One suited and one non suited match , One suited match , Two non suited matches, and One non suited match

2. Avoid Match the Dealer Side Bet

Spanish 21 has one bet named “march the dealer”. Spanish 21 has a fun side bet called Match the Dealer. This wager depends on matching either of your first two cards with the dealer’s up card.  There are multiple ways to win a game in a match dealer. You have an option of big payouts that leads you to a payout of 18:1. House edge is a bit larger here as that of the expected results. Therefore, Match the Dealer carries a 2.99% house edge with 8 decks, and a 3.06% house advantage with 6 decks.

3. Know Situations Where You Always Hit and Stand

Spanish 21 is a complex game that involves very basic strategies to win the house. Initially, we discussed the strategy chart. But there are  2 situations when you don’t need to look after the strategy chart.

  1. Always hit when your total is a hard 8 or lower.
  2. Always stand when your total is a hard 17 or higher.

The only exception that you’ll find standing on a hard 17 every time is when the dealer has an ace up card. You should choose late surrender in this scenario.

4. Search for the Best Spanish 21 Rules

There are so many websites that tell false spanish blackjack rules. With the advancement is gambling industry, there are certain casinos that are changing their rules. Therefore, it is very necessary to go through all the rules if you want to win Spanish blackjack 21 for real money

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