Spanish 21 vs Blackjack: Rules, Odds & Strategy

Both Spanish 21 vs Blackjack are popular blackjack table games. It’s common for people who aren’t acquainted with blackjack to confuse the two games based on their names. However, they aren’t the same. Contrary to popular belief, the rules governing each game are vastly varied. Let us look at the significant distinctions between Spanish 21 and blackjack rules.

There are 48 cards for Spanish 21 instead of the standard 52 cards, so you should know it before you begin. In a game in Spanish 21, none of the four tens cards is dealt face up. Removing the four 10s will increase the house advantage, making the game less favorable for you. Consequently, it is fascinating that most casinos provide higher odds in Spanish 21 than blackjack.

Blackjack vs Spanish 21: The Biggest Differences

When you’ve played blackjack before, Spanish 21 might be a little of a challenge to grasp at first. There may be a few minor differences in the game regulations across online casinos. When it comes to blackjack and Spanish 21, many people wonder which has the better chances. What follows is an investigation to find out:

Edge Of The House

An advantage of 0.4 percent may be expected for the house in Spanish 21 when the dealer strikes or stands on the soft 17. The low house edge is one of the reasons players like playing the game. In an online casino, you’d be hard-pressed to find a blackjack game with less than 0.5 percent house advantage.

Double down again if the dealer strikes a soft 17 while you’re playing on the same hand when the dealer shows a soft 17 and chooses to stand, the house gains as little as a one-point advantage.

Consider this analogy: There are two cards in your hand, one of which is a five and the other is a 3. In the case of a 2 card, doubling up gives you an additional 10, which may be used for such a double down. It’s even possible to make a second bet and go for a third.

The Number 21 Always Comes Out on Top in Spanish

A victory should be expected if the dealer is also playing a 21 in European blackjack, but it is still upsetting. If you manage to tie the dealer on 21 in European blackjack, you’ll get a “push.”

In Spanish 21, on either hand, a score of 21 is always a victory. Even if you and the dealer have a natural blackjack, the outcome is the same. Still, that would be a good result. But because there are no tens in Spanish 21, it is harder to score a 21.

Beating a Dead End

The late surrender is one of the most exciting possibilities available at blackjack tables. Half of your stake is retained when the dealer examines his card with late surrender.

The late surrender might be beneficial when you hold a total of 16 versus the dealer’s face card or ace. Having doubled down in a game of Spanish 21, you have the opportunity to give up your bet and terminate the round. It’s a good idea to double down since you could get a lousy card after that.

Even if your cards are 5, 6, or 7, you may still obtain a challenging total of 16 by just double-downing. A 16 is the absolute worst possible hand. However, if you decide on a late surrender, it may work.

It is Possible To Double Down After A Split

After splitting, you can’t double down in traditional blackjack, but you may in Spanish 21. If you split two aces and then double down, you’ll get four times the money you initially bet. However, any sum of 21 victories might result in a sizable victory if you draw a face card to your ace cards.

For example, if you wager £20 and get two aces, you may divide them with a side bet of the same money. You may then add £20 to each hand by doubling down on these aces. A more substantial probability of winning both hands means you have £80 on the Spanish deck.


Although it is a version of Spanish 21 vs Blackjack isn’t quite like the basic game. The absence of 10s in the deck requires some adjustment, but the game is almost identical to blackjack once you get it.

To compensate for the absence of 10s, Spanish 21 offers some of the most significant blackjack rules available. Spanish 21 games offer a more minor house advantage than conventional blackjack games for card counters, and they have less heat than traditional blackjack.

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