Roulette cheats: How It’s Done and How People Get Caught

The word ‘roulette’ in French refers to a ‘little wheel,’ where the game Roulette gets its name. Like all casino games, it takes more luck than anything else to win at it. There are, however, other ways to ensure a win at roulette which is, of course, by using nefarious methods. However, if caught, the casino will most definitely ban you. You can even go to jail for a bit, considering that Roulette cheats are often illegal. We don’t suggest you use these tactics to get ahead at this gambling game, but they’re there if you would like to.

How to Play Roulette

To understand Roulette cheats or sure-shot ways to win at it, let us get into the rules of this game.

The rules of Roulette are simple: the table consists of a wheel with 38 slots in total. First, there are the numbers 1 to 36 in random order, each alternating between red and black. Then, two additional green slots exist for 0 and 00 (essentially zero). While the wheel is stagnant, you place your chips on any number(s), which will be your bet. Then, the wheel is spun by the dealer, and a ball is rolled into the center. The number this ball lands on is the winning bet, and it is that person that takes their winnings from that round.

There are several different kinds of bets depending on where the bets are placed, on how many numbers, in which formations, and so on. Considering how simple this game is, cheating on it can be difficult or easy, depending on how experienced and careful you are doing it.

Roulette Cheats

There are technical ways to cheat at Roulette and simple ways, both of which require extreme consideration and being supremely careful. If you are caught by a dealer, bouncer, manager, or even security cameras upon review, it can have grave consequences for you. The following are a few Roulette cheats you may use during your casino adventures, though we suggest you do it with caution.

  • Sleight-of-hand moves.
    • Past posting
    • Pinching
    • Collusion
  • Technical Roulette cheats
    • Tampered balls
    • Wheel rigging or gaffing

Past Posting

The concept of past posting is the simplest way to cheat at Roulette, but it is also highly noticeable, making it quite risky. You need to be very fast to do this right: past posting requires you to discreetly place your chip on the winning bet without anyone noticing. This is a sure-shot way to receive a payout with Roulette.


Past posting and pinching are similar in that they require adding and removing while pinching means removing a losing bet from the table after the wheel has stopped spinning. This requires discretion and quick movements. By removing or “pinching” your losing bet, you do not lose your money but remain in the same place rather than gaining.


This refers to colluding with the dealer before the betting takes place; preferably outside and far away from the casino, to avoid being spotted by anyone. With this, you may ask the dealer to pinch or past post for you and split the winnings with them. There is a double threat of danger in this because, if caught; not only the player but the dealer will also get into a lot of trouble.

Tampered Balls

One way to go about Roulette cheats is to tamper with the ball; most commonly done by using a magnetic ball and a separate electronic device. This is not a sure-shot method of winning at Roulette, but it is worth trying for those versed in tech. Special electromagnetic devices can be used to carry this out.

Wheel Rigging or Graffing

A Roulette wheel can be rigged so that the ball falls only on specific numbers. This can be done by loosening a few slots to create a very subtle cavity; ensuring that the ball only falls in these particular slots. There are several other ways to rig the wheel, but they require outstanding craftsmanship and creativity on the cheater.

How People Get Caught Cheating at Roulette

As mentioned before, some Roulette cheats are incredibly obvious, especially the sleight-of-hand ones, which require caution. The slightest slip can give a cheater’s position away and put them in major trouble. It is as easy to get caught cheating at Roulette than to master how to cheat at it.

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