Popular Card Games and Local Games in Bangladesh

Card games are the most beloved form of indoor entertainment popular across the globe in various forms and almost in all countries. They have been played for centuries and still today remains extremely likable. As far as Asia is concerned, card games have been people’s favorite here since time immemorial.

Some of the card games were local whereas others were made popular by the British colonists. According to popular history, card games were initially played by the Chinese population and finally they spread across the globe. Card games were first introduced in the Indian subcontinent (including today’s Bangladesh and Pakistan) by the Mughals and since then have remained popular.

The Bangladeshi population is obsessed with card games and that is very evident from their gaming pattern on several online casino interfaces. Card games in Bangladesh include the traditional ones as well as the modern versions like those of Uno.

Popular Card Games in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the best and of course the most played card games in Bangladesh:

Call Bridge

Just a Bangladeshi version of the popular American card game Spade. The only difference being that it can be played without partners. It is popularly called Call Break in India and Bangladesh. Though the rules vary across countries, the standard rules are those of spades. 4 players play the game using the internationally standard deck of 52 cards. It involves, deal, bidding and pl;ay in the counterclockwise direction.

The player who wins at least one more trick than the call wins and their score is added to their cumulative score. The players who lose end up losing the scores. For example,if aplayer calls 5, they have to win at least 6 tricks to succeed in the game.

Twenty Nine

One of the oldest card games in Bangladesh and also in Northern India. It has now evolved to be apparently one of the most played games in the entire of India. It is played by 4 people in partnerships. The game involved only 32 cards out of the 52 cards in the standard deck. It will be played with the sequence 7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A of all the suits. The values for each of the cards are altered. The king of the game is the one who has been dealt with the nine and the jack. The primary game aim is to win as many tricks of valuable cards as possible.

Rung or Trumps or Rang

It is a simple trick game of cards usually played by four players. The players choose trumps based on the initial five dealt cards in an order of fixed partnerships. It is well known among the player community as Court Piece. Has been one of the most played traditionally local games of Bangladesh. It was introduced in the country by the Persian businessmen or invaders. Rung is a Persian name.

The game is played with a full stack of 52 cards. The cards are dealt in batches. Winning seven consecutive game hands is associated with the win. The concept of kot is followed in the game.


 Partition game for 4 players. The game involves 13 cards in total and are divided into four groups – 3,3,3 and 4 respectively. The game continues until any one of the players reach 1000 (hazar) points. It is quite similar in rules to the game of Teen Patti. Ecah card here has a value and the player whose sum of card values first touches 1000, is the game winner. In this game, the aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens are all worth value 10 and the number cards usually hold the value 5 each.

Teen Patti

As the name suggests, three games are centered around three cards and it quite resembles the Three Card Brag, a very popular British Card game. The game has major influences from poker. All the typical poker games such as the poker ante are applicable in this game.


Most people know this game by the name Bhabhi. The game is quite popular in the states of Punjab and also across Bangladesh. The central goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards at hand.

Final Words

Though outdoor games are quite popular in Bangladesh, it is indoor card games in Bangladesh that are currently the most played. Many of these card games are now played through the online casinos. Bang;adeshi audience love playing the card games at online casino platforms.

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