Poker Edge Sorting Strategy | How It Work

If you are into gambling for some time, then you must have heard about Poker edge sorting. Is poker edge sorting a cheating or a smart technique?

Well, poker edge sorting is a smart technique that helps the players to beat the house. This smart poker strategy enables the players to take advantage of slight imperfections on the backs of the cards. There are so many unintentional and almost indistinguishable edge irregularities on the back of cards. Though, the back of cards in a pack look identical but the two long edges of each card are asymmetrical from one another. This pattern can only be witnessed by a smart trained eye.

This ultimately give access of information to player that is not available in normal setup. It is a shifty method by which players recognize different imperfections & irregularities on the back of cards.

Poker and baccarat is a game of luck,  here players looks for multiple ways to beat the deal. A successful Poker edge sorting can make a normal looking card different. This is due to the imperfections on the cards produced by specific manufacturers.

Lets understand poker edge sorting with an example

full diamonds

Here we have two cards & we can see full diamonds along with left edge of the cards and we can also see half diamonds along with right edge of the cards.

larger diamond

In this image asymmetry can be observed. Right edge have bit larger diamonds as compared to left edge. This difference can only witnessed by a trained eye. This way poker edge sorting strategy came into existence and players can win the whole game smartly.

Such kind of manufacturing effects allows the gamblers use these so-called flaws to their advantage by determining which cards are low and which are high.

How Poker Edge Sorting work?

Poker Edge sorting totally depends upon the imperfections and irregularities present on the cards due to manufacturing defects. Firstly, players will ask the dealers to rotate the cards. They will do this under an impression of false belief and dealer is unaware what exactly is going on, then it involves the player. If request comes from higher roller then chances of winning are more. Once the shoe is out, all cards will be positioned just right. High cards will be rotated one way, and low cards will be rotated the other way.

Once the deal begins again, trained eye player can distinguish between low roller and high roller cards and can place their bets on more favourable sides.

In the above example we saw that pattern on the left and right edges of the back of cards are irregular. Here players take advantage with irregular cards, aligning the cards in such way that all same cards (full diamonds) are placed along one half diamonds are also placed on same edge. But, trained eye can spot the difference between two and can give label of important cards and unimportant cards to beat the house.

Now player’s target is to sort these cards and identify their group of cards. Here Poker edge sorting turns out the game into their favour.

This smart poker edge sorting strategy requires automatic card shuffler in casinos. If we do the process manually, then entire setup would be spoiled and chances of getting advantage is negligible.

What are the key requirements to implement poker edge sorting strategy?

As far as i came across this article, edge sorting seems easy. Is it???

Well, here is a sneak peak into special circumstances that plays important role is poker edge sorting.

  1. Edge sorting only works if back of one or more cards is visible. If back of card is visible then only player can see irregularities.
  2. Poker Edge sorting strategy only works in a manner where complete set of game follows the same pattern every time.
  3. Same deck should be used during the whole session. In various online casinos, there is a rule that deck is discarded once a round of blackjack, baccarat or punto banco comes to an end.
  4. Only automatic shuffler are required in a perfect edge sorting. If we do manual shuffling then sorting wont work. Cards should be shuffled in a way that are not rotating. Here comes the concept of automatic shuffler.
  5. There should not be any turn during the shuffling of deck. A turn usually happens when deck/pack of card is divided into 2 portions. For a perfect edge sorting, shuffling of deck should not contain a turn.


With all the things added up, it wont be wrong saying edge sorting is a somewhat obscure and smart  winning strategy used to win in gambling. Let us know your experiences in the comment box. Have you ever implemented edge sorting?

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