Playtech Money Drop Live Review and Strategy

Playtech Live Casino has been one of the favorites of gamblers and e-sport players. The Playtech money drop live casino game show is based on one of the most popular UK-based TV shows named The 100K Drop. The best part about this online game is the appropriate strategizing of the game on how you win the balance.

Also, the winner of the game is the one who can retain the money. The Playtech Money Drop live never disappoints the players – even if you play for some time, you can win money. Though the biggest win possible is 5000X, you surely would need some luck to get there.

Playtech Money Drop Live – Gameplay

Let us first understand how the Playtech money drop live works. Money Drop Live works in a reverse pattern than the usual gambling games. Whereas in normal gambling games, the players need to build up on the cash reserve, in this game, usually the players get started with plenty of money. You win a huge amount in the beginning based on where the betting wheel stops. The idea of the game is to see how much money you can retain. Usually, one big wheel is used for selecting the amount of money and determining the pot value. Now, the game

The game has an RTP of 96 to 97%. The game is available both on desktop and mobile versions. Playtech Money Drop Live has an excellent interface and a quirky graphics theme to make it more attractive. It is a flip on with normal casino games. Money Drop Live is divided into two distinct phases. While the first phase is quite similar to most other casino games, the major difference lies in the next phase.

Playtech Money Drop Live – First Phase

In the first stage, it is simply a giant wheel on which the player has to bet. The wheel has 8 wagering options as follows – 15X multiplier, 30 X multiplier, 8X multiplier, 250 X multiplier, 1000 X multiplier, 2500 X multiplier, and card clash bonus game.

This phase is easy to understand. For example, if a player wagers on 250 X multiplier and the wheel lands there, you get the money. At a glance, this one might seem to be a game changer a way to earn too much money, but wait till the real game happens. You have to retain that money as a player to get the best out of it.

Playtech Money Drop Live – Second Phase

Now comes the climax of the game which is the second stage. The player has to distribute their winnings in the second stage among some platforms. In the second stage of the game, the player is presented with multiple platforms to distribute their earnings from the first phase. The number of platforms is usually 4 and out of these, any three platforms will be dropped off by the game automatically. So, now you understand why it is important to wisely distribute the money. You never know the money on which platform will be forfeited. The only bet in Money Drop Live that works in a different way is the 8X bet.

Strategies to Win Playtech Money Drop Live

These are the best strategies to win the Playtech Money Drop Live

  • In the first phase of the game, it is vital to cover all the betting positions. This is the first crucial step that will help the player to equally distribute their money in the second phase..
  • Do not ever be blinded by the big numbers after stage one. Stage one dictates nothing about the win or loss in the game stage. The most crucial part is the second phase – winning depends on how much of the earned money the player can actually retain with themselves.
  • Staying conservative in the game is perhaps the best strategy. Try to evenly spread out the money in all the Drop zones in the game, to ensure that you can keep winning amounts from every zone, even if in trace amounts.
  • The highest winners in the game are the risk-takers. If you can risk it big, there are chances that you will win it bigger. If the player stays consistent throughout the game, they can gain big. However, if you are tight on budget, this strategy might not work.
  • Lastly, bet on every segment of the drop zone because you never know which one will click.

Final Words

With an RTP of 96.48%, this is one of the most aggressively risky casino games from Playtech. It is a adrenaline boosting live game show – perfect for both beginners and pro players

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