Play Mississippi Stud Poker – Rules & Strategy

Mississippi Stud Poker is a new addition to so many casinos. Here, each bet is dealt with two cards. This is a variety of poker in which every player is contended with both cards face down. This game has fewer betting rounds upto 4-5. Once a player looks at their cards, they can fold the card and wait for the next hand to be dealt.

This process continues until all cards are dealt with by the dealer. For any other hands, it’s always advised to fold or to bet once

How To Play Mississippi Stud Poker?

If you have played a basic blackjack game then it becomes easy to understand the working of Mississippi stud poker. You sit at a round table with other players. On one side of the table, there is a dealer and on the other side there are players. Here players are not playing against each other, their main goal is to beat the house. Players make the bets and dealers cover those bets.

Different Rules To Play Mississippi Stud poker

Mississippi stud poker rules are simple to learn. Following are the rules that are important to learn before playing.

  • First of all, you will call a bet named “ante”.
  • Once the bet is called, you will get two cards. Other players will also get two cards. The dealer will deal with three community cards.
  • All cards are dealt face down so that you cannot see the front face of the cards. You can only see your cards once all the hands have been dealt.
  • Now, you have seen your cards and the betting round will get started. You get an opportunity to make a 3rd street bet where you decide how much to bet- 1, 2 or 3 times the amount of ante. And you can fold your hand here.
  • After this betting, the dealer turns one community card out of three. If you don’t fold then 4th street betting will take place.
  • Here also you can bet between 1 and 3 times the ante. Players  have the option to fold the hand in this round of betting too.
  • Dealer dealt the community card again. And 5th street bet is placed between 1 and 3 times the ante. You have the option to fold here.
  • The dealer turns over another community card.
  • If you’re still in the hand, you can place a “5th Street Bet” of between 1 and 3 times the ante. You again have the option to fold.
  • The dealer turns over the final community card. Your bets pay off according to the game’s pay table rule.

These are the basic rules and methods to play Mississippi stud poker. Your main goal is not to play against players. You get paid if you win the final value of hand.

Best Strategies To Implement While Playing Mississippi Stud Poker

Let’s discuss the best ways that play an important role in this game.

Fold the small bets while waiting for big hands:

According to the rules, players find themselves folding on third street and that is about 31% of the time. You’ll find yourself making a third street bet before folding on fourth street another 8% of hands. You will fire two bets on the third and fourth street bet. In the whole process, you should fold the hands without a showdown around 44% of the time.

Implement Basic Strategy

The strategy implemented in Mississippi stud poker is quite different from blackjack poker. Key strategy in Mississippi stud poker is to understand the value ranges of cards. As per my research, you should download a strategy chart and play with it until the values and best plays become second nature. When it comes to winning Mississippi stud poker, there are some foolproof tips that you should remember. Only raise bet, if you have following:

  • A pair that’s lower than 6’s
  • A pair of jacks or better
  • Any cards ranging between 6 and 10
  • A three-card flush
  • A pair of cards that need only one consecutive card to form a flush

Final Words

Mississippi stud poker is not a game like blackjack where you can play a single bet and win. Here, you have to play multiple bets correctly on your first two cards because any mistake is compounded by later raises. Don’t go on hunches and get trapped adding raises on a hand that is unlikely to even turn into a push. Before playing this game in any live casino, make sure that you have practiced enough on free websites so that you don’t lose money.

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