Play Midi and Mini Baccarat: A Complete Guide

The goal of Midi Baccarat, a variation of Baccarat, is to get a point total that is as near to 9 as possible on any hand that the player stakes. Two choices must be made to play Midi Baccarat. The amount of your bet and whether to wager on the Banker, the Player, or the Tie bet.

The casino will take 5% of your winnings when you bet on the Banker. The commission is taken in Midi Baccarat when the winning Banker bet is paid. Banker and player bets that win both pay out equally. Tie bet winners receive 8 to 1 odds.

Eight decks of cards are used in Midi Baccarat, and they are all shuffled before being put into the shoe. In Midi Baccarat, the Dealer distributes each card.

How to Play Midi Baccarat

Two hands—the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand—are formed. When four cards are dealt from the shoe at the beginning of the game. Unless there is no “Player” bet. The dealer will “face” the first and third cards with any extra cards needed to complete the “Player” hand. The first and third cards are dealt to and “faced” by the player with the greatest “Player” bet at the table. Unless there is no banker bet. The dealer will “face” the second and fourth cards along with any extra cards required to complete the “Banker” hand. The second and fourth cards are dealt to and “faced” by the player with the greatest “Banker” bet at the table. A Natural is declared and no more cards are dealt if either hand has a point total of 8 or 9. Cards are dealt in line with set regulations.

For the Player’s or Banker’s hands, there are no possibilities for the third card to be drawn. And the Dealer may draw more cards as necessary. Before the dealer calls “no more bets” and the cards are dealt, every bet must be placed. The winning hand will be rewarded at odds of one to one if it is closest to nine. The Tie bet wins if the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand produce equal totals. But the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand do not.

Any card from 2 through 9 has a face value of 1. Deuce is two, and Ace is one. Any combination of tens and face cards, or both, has no value. In the baccarat games known as Mini and Midi. All hands must be one of the digits 0 to 9. Thus when the sum of the cards surpasses 9, the first digit of the total is dropped. Thus, 9 + 5 = 4, Jack + Ace = 1, etc.

Mini Baccarat

Eight decks of cards are used in the classic game of chance known as Mini Baccarat. And most of seven players can take part at once. The cards are initially shuffled by the dealer, then they are again shuffled and placed in a container known as a shoe. The game offers no options for drawing or standing. The following lists the draw stand rules.

To get as close to the number nine as you can is the goal of the game. Any combination of cards totaling 10 counts as zero, including face cards and tens. When counting cards, the ace counts as one, the deuce counts as two, etc.

How to Play Mini Baccarat

The dealer removes the cards from the shoe. The player receives “the player’s hand” of two cards, and the banker receives “the player’s hand” of two cards. The point counts are announced by the dealer. No extra cards are drawn if either hand has a point total of eight (8) or nine (9), indicating a natural. A face-up card is selected for the player’s and banker’s hands according to the hit/stand rules if neither hand possesses a natural. The winning hand has a point total that is closest to nine. It is a tie if the sum of the two hands equals that number.


In Mini Baccarat, there are three (3) different methods to gamble. Every player has the option to place a bet on the Banker’s hand, the Player’s hand, or a tie. Before the dealer calling “no more bets” and the deal of cards, these bets are made. If the banker’s hand has a higher point total than the player’s hand; the banker’s hand is the winner of the bet. If the Player’s hand has a greater point total than the Banker’s hand; the bet on the Player’s hand will win. If the point totals are tied, the game is a tie. All winning bank hands incur a 5% commission besides to winning bets being paid out at even money. Tie bet return 8 to 1.

  • Unless the banker has a natural 8 or 9, the PLAYER always draws on 0, 1, and 2,3,4,5. Stands on 6, 7, 8, and 9 at all times.
  • The game is over when Player has an 8 or 9.
  • The banker always draws on a 0, 1, or 2 unless the player has a natural 8 or 9. On 7, 8, 9, the banker always stands.
  • The game is over if the Banker possesses an 8 or a 9.
  • No partnership may reach the maximum of the table.

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