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If you’ve played any of Evolution’s other live dealer games in the past. There’s a good chance that you’re familiar with Lightning Roulette Live. If not, you should check it out! When one considers the magnitude of success that live dealer roulette has already achieved in online gambling. It is quite thrilling to learn that a version of live dealer roulette with large stakes is on its way.

Regarding the Lightning table that will be a part of the Evolution series. There is presently no information that can disclose to the public. In the not-too-distant future, this will change. On the other hand, we will talk about the anticipation we have for the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Live event.

How to Play Live XXXTreme Lightning Roulette?

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette will have a mix of live dealer and random number generation, just like the original (RNG). The provider’s trailer says the game will have a live dealer pulling a lever to turn on multipliers. We feel that the game will be played the same way as the version that came before it.

You’ll boost your chances of winning by placing a wager on a number or combination of numbers you like. Each time through the tournament, the values and totals of the random multipliers will differ. According to Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution, the next iteration of XXXTreme will have increased multipliers compared to the original release. In addition, they go up by a factor of a thousand. The maximum number of times you may double your bet in Lightning Roulette Live is 500. We think the multiplier will work the same as the original game. So, only Straight bets will be affected by the biggest ones.

How the Game Works?

Random multipliers, which make Lightning Roulette stand out, will be back in the 2022 version. But the number and value of the multipliers in play are going up. This should make the game more exciting.

Game Mechanic Chain Lightning:

Chain Lightning is an exciting part of the game that makes every match even more exciting. When playing Roulette, players can add the Chain Lightning Numbers, which can happen up to nine times in a single round, to their bets. With the addition of Chain Lightning Numbers, there are now up to ten numbers in each game round that could have multipliers.

Like Lightning Round Numbers, Chain Lightning Numbers light up on the user interface to show which single straight-up bets will have multipliers added to them during the current betting round.

Dual Strikes:

In addition to Lightning Round and Chain Lightning, the Double Strikes feature can lead to multipliers of 600x to 2000x on a straight bet. The Lightning Round, Chain Lightning, and Double Strikes features of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette take the authentic live casino experience of playing Roulette and boost payouts and interaction.

These features are in addition to the standard inside bets (Line bet, Corner bet, Street bet, Split bet, and Straight Up bet) and outside bets (Low, High, Even, Odd, Red, Black, Dozen, Column) that are available.

The Lightning Round:

After each round of betting in XXXtreme Roulette, the game’s charismatic host takes a break to talk about the random number generator (RNG) Lightning Numbers. The game’s user interface will show any number between one and five Lightning Numbers and the Lightning Multipliers that go with them.

Chain Lightning:

After the betting period is over, Lightning Numbers with random multipliers of up to 500x are made, and then a spectacular effect called Chain Lightning adds up to 9 more hotspots where you can bet. The 2000x multiplier is just the beginning of a Double Strike that lands on one of the current lucky bet areas. This is what it means to be XXXtreme!

Video Performing:

The XXXTreme Lightning Roulette Live looks as good as Evolution’s other games. The lightning hitting Lucky Numbers seems more dramatic, and the studio looks darker than in the original title. On deep red background, they are easy to see.

The name and color scheme of the game made us think of Starburst XXXTreme. It’s a game made by NetEnt, one of the companies Evolution bought. It’s for people who want to play a casino game that’s fun and could make them money.


We have high hopes for XXXTreme Lightning Roulette because we saw how well the first Roulette did. It will be interesting to gamblers who are always looking for new ways to get more excited and increase their chances of winning. The features of the upcoming Evolution game will be made public as soon as we know more.

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