Play Live Lightning Roulette: Best Strategy with Tips

Live Lightning Roulette offers users a new casino experience with its advanced RNG gameplay. This revolutionized version of the standard European Roulette game increases the intensity and payouts of the game. The electrifying user interface maximizes player thrills with a stunning visual experience. The Live Lightning Roulette transforms the roulette game into a show of its own.

Live Lightning Roulette: Unique Features

Apart from an improved gameplay experience, some additional features of Live Lightning Roulette are as follows:

  • Lucky Payouts: After all the bets are made in each round, around one to five lucky numbers are struck by lightning, increasing their payout exponentially. For example, if a straight-up bet is placed on a lucky number, the player can win payouts between 50 and 500.
  • Game-show style environment: With the help of advanced audio-visual experience, the traditional roulette game transforms into a thrilling game show, where your dealer is the host. Live Lightning Roulette fires all cylinders to light up your Live Casino experience.
  • Scalability: With the improved scalability feature, there is no limit to how many people can virtually play lightning roulette. The direct game launch feature allows you to welcome players from your Live Casino Lobby through webpages, links, and emails.

In addition to these special features, all the standard European Live Roulette rules are applicable. This allows you to place bets on the full range of Roulette bets. Other than the lightning payout, all straight-up bets pay 30:1. Also, any other bets such as splits, red/black, corners, and dozen pay according to the standard roulette.

Effective Live Lightning Roulette Strategies

The rules of the live lightning roulette are easy to comprehend. Simply bet on the number, groups of numbers, or colors. Winning in roulette is surely a matter of chance, but you can improve your chances of winning by implementing the strategies below.

Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy

A standard roulette strategy is to bet on every number to improve your payout. While this method carries many risks, this strategy is rather effective in lightning roulette.

One unique feature of live lightning roulette is the lucky number. If the lucky number does land, the payout is huge. So even if you lose a round or two, you should not lose hope. One important point to note is that do not go about doubling your wager to cover your loss. Instead, stick to your amount and be patient.

Paroli System

The Paroli system is derived from the famous Martingale strategy for roulette. We bet on either red or black in the Martingale system rather than betting on every single number. If a loss occurs, you double the amount on the next to cover your losses. You keep on doing this till you win. As soon as you win, you go back to the original amount you started with.

The Martingale system may sound effective, but it makes you lose money. Instead, you can use the Paroli system to start with the minimum table amount. If you lose, stick to the amount. If you win, you only double down on the next wager.

For example- If you start with 10 dollars. If you lose the bet, you stick to 10 dollars on the next bet. But if you win, you bet 20 dollars on the next round. If you win, you bet 40 dollars on the next. As soon as you lose, you come back to the original 10 dollars bet.

The Paroli system keeps a check on your losses. Also, because of the multipliers in the lightning roulette, you have the chance to win big.

Bonus And Freebies

One safe and effective method to gamble is to use the bonuses offered by the online casinos. Nowadays, you get bonus chips for signing on the platform. In addition to that, regular players receive weekly and monthly chips.

One strategy is to use these bonuses to bet to protect yourself from losses. There are many multiple ways from which you can claim these bonus offers. This strategy allows you to win big in lightning roulette without spending much of your own.

The catch here is the rules of the casinos regarding withdrawing this money. As per the casino rules, before you can withdraw money from your account, casinos make you wager around 30 to 35 times your deposit amount.


Live Lightning Roulette offers a fantastic gameplay experience and additional payout opportunities. We know that nobody gambles to lose but make sure you are betting an amount you can afford to lose.

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