How to Play Jumanji The Bonus Level Live ?

The Jumanji the Bonus Level Live game is a fun and entertaining live casino game from the house of the ever popular Playtech. The game is based on the forever classic movie Jumanji. The RNG interface game with a perfect jungle theme and the incorporation of live action slot gambling in it – a perfect blend like none other.

Jumanji the Bonus Level – Understanding the Gameplay

The players have to play the giant wheels such that they get maximum chances to win the cash prizes and make an entry into one of the six bonus rounds that will pave the way for the extra payouts. One can win multipliers up to 5000X if they can ace the Jumanji bonus round well.

The game core is constituted of 43 segmented wheels that faces the players with the side edges. Two wheels operate simultaneously in the Jumanji Bonus Level Live game. Here are the win symbols in Wheel One

  • Jungle Royale Bonus
  • Wild Spin Bonus
  • Numbers 1 and 2
  • Monkey Valley Bonus
  • Jumanji Bonus Round Path
  • Rhino Run Cash Collect
  • Snake Bite Bonus
  • Jaguars Head

Here are the segments of the second wheel in the game

  • Smoulder
  • Character Groups (2)
  • Ruby
  • Shelly
  • Mouse
  • Respin X 2
  • Jaguars Head
  • Four Characters Grouping

The gameplay starts with placing bets on the betting grid at Numbers 1 and 2 and also on the six bonus rounds. The winning depends on whether the first wheel stops at the exact segment where you have placed the bet. The second wheel is mainly spun to work on the game multipliers. The game will entirely operate through the actions of the characters that you have chosen.

The option to play Jumanji Live is present in the live lobby of the Playtech. You can access it under the tab of Game Shows. As a player opens up the game, they get the chance to choose their favorite character through which they will play the entire game.

The bonus level usually consist of four participants as follows

  • Purple crocodile
  • Green Rhino
  • Blue Monkey
  • Red Elephant

How to Win Jumanji the Bonus Level Game?

The aim of the game is to choose any one of these characters and complete the path of the game. You must become the first player in the race to win Jumanji the bonus level game. The animal character that completes the race first passing through the 15 step pathway becomes the winner. They also need to collect the multipliers along the path. At step three and eight in the 15 step pathway, there are special moves.

 Unlocking these levels will add either 5X or 10X multipliers to the current score of the player. If the player can complete the Save Jumanji quest, they can leap over to the Next level of the game that is the Bonus round. Boosting the cash prize in the game can be easier with the multipliers in the game.

Winning over the ultimate Jumanji bonus round can help the players unlock special prizes. The Jumanji Bonus round can be activated in either of the following ways: when you can play and win the Rhino Run : Cash Collect game or when the Jaguar heads land on the main wheel.

Betting Positions of Jumanji the Bonus Level Game

Here are the eight different betting positions that you can try out during the game

  • Number 1 on the 17 sectioned wheel
  • Number 2 on the 11 sectioned wheel
  • Three sections on the Jungle Royale
  • Monkey Valley on the three sections wheel
  • Snake bite that occupies two sections
  • Wild Spin that occupies two sections
  • Rhino Run – Collecting the cash on section1
  • Section 1 – Path of Jumanji.

There are fundamentally six bonus rounds in the game. An extra round is initiated if the wheel one or two lands on the Jaguar’s head. There are multiple bonus rounds in the game that are as follows:

  • Monkey Valley
  • Snake Bite
  • Wild Spin
  • Jungle Royale
  • Rhino Run – Cash Collect
  • Path of Jumanji

There is an added bonus round to this one – Saving Jumanji.

Strategies to Win Jumanji the Bonus Level Game

Here are the best possible strategies to ace the game of Jumanji – the bonus level live

  • Have a clear understanding of how the betting works and also regarding how you can place the bet on the two wheels.
  • This game is focussed on the bonus round, so if you are not willing to get into that, it is better to not start playing the game at all.
  • Decide beforehand whether you want to place a bet on Number 1 or two bets.

The game is all a matter of practice and careful planning.

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