Learn To Play Dragon Tiger at Crickex Bangladesh

Dragon Tiger has originated from Cambodia and has become one of the most popular casino games in the world. Its simplicity and speed makes the game popular worldwide.

If we talk about the live dealer games, then all games require a set of rules with practice and patient. But, dragon tiger is exceptional case. If you want to play any casino game without years of experience then you are perfect fit to play live dragon tiger game.

In Asian countries, every third person is aware about teen patti, andar bahar kidaa card games. Dragon tiger resembles a lot with these card games and has gained a huge popularity among the youth.

With the growing digitization, you don’t need to go to any offline casino to play dragon tiger. You can simple visit Crickex-Online website to play dragon tiger.

The two-card dealt game earned its reputation and popularity in a fast-paced action just like the game itself. With two cards on the tables, you get three possible outcomes; Lose, win or tie.

How to play Online Live Dragon Tiger?

To play this simplest game at Crickex Bangladesh, you need luck more than skills. The Dragon Tiger game is usually played with a pack of 52 cards without joker or wilds.Once the bets are done, players will dealer places the cards facing front on the layout on the basis of gut feeling and statistical calculation.

The player will place the bet on most competing cards and that can be either Dragon or Tiger. Winning a game totally depends upon the highest values. Card with the most upper hand will win the game.

Lets see which values are considered highest and lowest in dragon tiger. Similar to teen patti and andar bahar, numeric value cards like 10, J, Q, K are the largest and aces are lowest.0. Aces are the lowest ranking cards and the rest of the cards follow their natural values.

Dragon tiger is so simple and here the player with the highest cards wins the game regardless of the suit. In case of tie, both dragon and tiger position needs to give a card of same value and play lose 50% of the bet on either dragon or tiger.

In Dragon Tiger card game, players do not play against the dealer or against each other, Main goal of players is to play against the chances of getting the highest card value.

Rules To Play Dragon Tiger Game At Crickex Bangladesh

There are two major rules in Dragon Tiger.

Rule 1.Aces are always low and order of cards from low to high is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, therefore Kings are the highest. Using eight standard pack of 52 cards.  Dealer will then deal one card face up to each player, and the highest card wins.

Rule 2– If both dragon and tiger get the same card values then it leads to tie. In case of tie- both dragon and tiger position needs to give a card of same value and play lose 50% of the bet on either dragon or tiger.

Key Strategies to implement while playing Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger casino game does not require much skills to win and ofcourse it is not a rocket science though. The game is quiet simple and does not require complex strategies. This is perfect for beginners if they want to learn any casino game.

Lets indulge into a sneek peak into some basic strategies to win dragon tiger.

No Tie Bets

Always avoid tie bets. Yes, if the bets pay you 8 to 1, you should always avoid tie bets. There are total 86320 hand combinations and we have only 32.77 house edge. This means, you will lose bets in 79,872 combinations. And only 6,488 are tie bets from 86,320 hand combinations.

Be Cautious While Using Betting Forms

Use Betting Forms with Caution And don’t rely on them. Betting forms in casino are not reliable. If you want to use betting forms, keep an extra track on it and beware  no form betting system will work.

Learn to count the cards

Dragon tiger is such a simple game to play that it becomes perfect game for card counting. For example, since 7s are the losing cards, you can check how many 7s are dealt from the deck.

Which is the best site to Play Dragon Tiger?

You can play dragon tiger online at Crickex.  Crickex is one of the oldest and best website where you can play Dragon tiger so easily with above mentioned method.

What are you waiting for??

Sign up today on crickex and play dragon tiger.

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