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JILI Game created and released the online casino game JILI Super Ace Slot Machine. When you collect 3 scatters, you can play the free spins game with a 2X higher chance of a winning combination. The largest bonus multiplier available in JILI Super Ace Slot Game is 1500X.

What is Super Ace Slot Game?

A superb online casino game developed and released by JILI slot is the Super Ace Slot Machine. This slot machine game with a card theme boasts unique graphics. Which feature original card illustrations used as symbols. Also quick but fun animations, and an abstract background. With three scatters, you can enter the free spins game. And have a 2X greater chance of landing a winning combination. This makes the Free Spin Bonus game easier to access on the JILI Super Ace slot machine. The lowest volatility slot machine demo game has a bonus multiplier of 1500X.

The JILI Super Ace slot machine has five reels and a total of 1024 ways to win. Along with the four playing card suites, the basic symbols are the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Each of these cards also has a golden variation. The golden variations are limited to the middle three reels. Also, one of them becomes a wild card when it is eliminated. The wild card can replace any basic symbol that is absent when necessary. It might also appear as a little, medium, or giant wild card that repeats itself on a few occasions. Also, a progressive win multiplier is added to further wins in this game. Finally, three scatter icons is needed to start ten free spins with a higher progressive win multiplier.

How to Play JILI Casino Online Super Ace slot machine

  • The Lucky Poker video slot includes 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win.
  • According to the paytable, a bet line is paid if it appears from the leftmost reel to the right.
  • In the game, symbols will be reviewed again to look for more hits when the “cards are turned over”. You can receive the payout for the round once no further hits are possible.
  • Pay x Lines x Bet = Winning.
  • The game round will be void if there is any malfunction that leaves the game’s outcome unknown.

Features and Symbols of the JILI Super Ace Slot Machine

Golden Card on the JILI Super Ace Slot Machine

  • Only the reels 2, 3, and 4 will display Golden Cards.
  • A “Joker Card” will flip in its original position when a “Golden Card” is eliminated.
  • The pattern that removes hits may be found in both the Golden Card and the Normal Card.

Joker Card on the JILI Super Ace Slot Machine

  • Only after a Golden Card has been removed will the Joker Card be shown.
  • There are two variations of the joker card: the big joker card and the little joker card.
  • The Big Joker Card will change the Golden Card’s original position into a Big Joker Card when it appears. And Big Joker Cards will be duplicated at random and replaced with the other symbols.
  • Only the Golden Card’s original place will turn into a Litter Joker Card. When the Little Joker Card appears.
  • A Joker Card is like a Wild Symbol in that it can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. 

Elimination Multiplier on the JILI Super Ace Slot Machine.

  • The Elimination Multiplier is shown as x1, x2, x3, and x5 in a standard game.
  • The winning points earned after each successful elimination hit will be doubled by the Elimination Multiplier’s current value.
  • For each spin, the First Match is counted starting at x1.
  • The second match’s Elimination Multiplier can be raised to x2 by one level. So long as each spin awards a prize to the First Match.
  • If the second match in each spin wins a prize. The elimination multiplier for the third match can increase by one level, or to x3.
  • The elimination multiplier can be increased to x5 if the fourth match in each spin results in a prize. 
  • Level one, x1, of the Elimination Multiplier is the new setting. After no more hits are possible it moves on to the following spin.


The highest bonus is found on the JILI slot machine. The most jackpot slots and the finest RTP. In many online casinos, many players favor the JILI Super Ace slot machine game. Because the Free Spins Bonus Game is easy to get and gives an immense reward. In the free spins game, every benefit will double. Which make receiving a big bonus easy for any player.

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