Penny Slots, Nickel Slots, and Quarter Slots – Differences

With advancement in technology, gambling industry has also evolved a lot. In today’s era, players have a large variety of slot machines to choose from. Top three machines are penny, nickel and quarter slots. If you are low on budget then also you can play on these machines because they are low deposit slot machines. 

Quarter slots are quite expensive as compared to penny or nickel slots. In this article you will understand in depth about penny slots, nickel slots and quarter slots.

Penny Slots

Penny slots is a perfect for someone who is low on budget and wants to play a low budget slot game. If you have less money then also there is equal opportunity for you to win. The value of stake in the penny slot varies from $0.01 to $16. This small amount is something that any gambler is able to manage. Penny slots are really simple to play, you just need to find a good licensed reputed online casino. The pre deposit amount is less in the penny slot, this way you will be able to manage your budget every time you play.

If you are so much into gambling then you might have heard that small deposits also lead to very big jackpot. According to the stats available on the internet, penny slots have a maximum payout of $6500. Casinos win almost twice as compared to other slot machines. Total %age based on betting amount is around 10% of the money wagered on penny games. There, other denominations reveal a win percentage of about 5.89%. The jackpot winners reported here certainly battled those odds and won. This slot is perfect if you want to try your luck on very less pre-deposit.


Traditional casinos like nickel slots are very less these days. There are multiple paylines in nickel slots. Each spin of the payline takes a minimum of 0.05 credits or 5 cents per pay line. If you want to improve your gaming experience at a low budget, then you should always go for nickel slots.

Here you can play longer than other high value slots. With a low budget also, you can easily earn a jackpot between 500 and 1,500 credits. Similar to penny slots, you only need to bet on each line to win 0.05 credits; the more lines you play with, the more money you will spend.

Although, more playlines means higher win rate. If we compare nickel slots with penny slots, then nickel slots are a bit expensive and they are more ROI oriented at the end of the day. If you ever get a chance to play nickel slots, the probability of getting coins are more than they originally intended. The amount a player receives through multiple spins usually increases as they increase the bet par value. As a result, nickel slots tend to offer a higher payout than penny slots with their lower stakes.

Quarter Slots

Is gambling a risk? Well quarter slots tend to create more value as compared to penny and nickel slots. Quarter slots are less expensive among the three. Risk factor of losing money is also low in this slot. If you want to enjoy slot games and have a very low budget then this is something you should go for. You will get more chances to win if the value of the coin is higher. Payout ratio is higher in quarter slots as compared to nickel and penny. If you want to play at lower risk then you have the option to choose a lower bet amount.

You can find a quarter slot at any online casino and physical casino. The jackpot prize that this slot brings can be up to thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of coins. This is the ideal slot for players who want to earn big without any risk factor involved.


In the above article we understood major differences between penny, nickel and quarter slots. Although, all three slots have their own and unique characteristics. If you want to win big by investing very low pre deposit and less risk factor then you should go for quarter slots. This is the best slot for those who want to make big wins without risking large sums of money.

Furthermore, it has a higher payout ratio than nickel and penny slots. Quarter slot is more flexible in terms of allowing players to change the betting range at their discretion freely.

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