Peek Baccarat Review: Features & Payouts!

There are striking similarities between baccarat and blackjack because both are shoe games in which the total of the hand (banker or player) determines whether you win or lose. However, in North America, baccarat may not be as well-known as blackjack. However, the game is becoming more popular as a result of excellent titles such as Peek Baccarat, which Evolution only recently introduced.

This article is for you if you’ve never played baccarat before. Also, if you’re a blackjack player looking to learn basic baccarat strategy.

So, what is Peek Baccarat?

Peek Baccarat by Evolution is a live dealer baccarat table that will be available in 2022. The upcoming game was revealed at the ICE London show. It’s one of the first tables we’ll see from Evolution on the roadmap for 2022. Despite the lack of information, the Best Casinos team reviewed the game and created this Peek Baccarat review for all interested players. 

The main feature of the game is the ‘peek’ functionality, which allows players to peek at the cards as the host deals them. This feature allows players to more accurately predict the round’s outcome and adjust their bet accordingly. Surprisingly, the game adheres to the Player Peek Baccarat rules, which state that the dealer allows you to peek first at the Player cards. 

For a 20% fee, you can look at one, two, three, or four dealt cards. Aside from that, this should be a standard baccarat game with three main hands, side bets, and a betting range of €1-€10,000.

Peek Baccarat RTP, Bets and Payouts:

Most of you won’t be surprised to learn that the payouts and RTPs will be the same as in regular Baccarat. This game can be played with a minimum bet of €1 and a maximum bet of €5000 per round.

All of the payouts are also as expected. Below is an overview of the payout of the standard Baccarat game as well as the paid fees. When you win a Player hand, you typically receive a 1:1 payout. However, due to the fees, the payout will be lower. After the fee is deducted, the payout is only 0.83:1.

One of the disadvantages of Peek Baccarat is this. If you bet on the Tie, Player Pair, or Banker Pair, you do not have to pay the Peek Fee. As a result, these payouts will be identical.

Bet –> Payout –> Payout after Fee –> RTP

  •     Player – 1:1 – 0.83:1 – 98.80%
  •     Banker – 0.95:1 – 0.79:1 – 98.8%
  •     Tie – 8:1 – 8:1 – 93.36%
  •     Player Pair – 11:1 – 11:1 – 89.64%
  •     Banker Pair – 11:1 – 11:1 – 89.64%

Game features

The Peek mechanic is the main game feature that makes Peek Baccarat live revolutionary. This mechanic includes a Peek feature that allows players to see the Player’s and Banker’s hands. This gives them a competitive advantage over the house. The house edge in Peek Baccarat is 1.20 percent.

Furthermore, many players will draw parallels between Peek and Squeeze Baccarat. However, there are some parallels between the two games. Squeeze Baccarat, for example, allows you to see the edge of the cards but does not allow you to do anything with that information. The Peek variant, on the other hand, allows you to change your wager in the middle of the round!

Honest review on Peek Baccarat

Peek Baccarat isn’t our favourite game right now. The base game is the same as you’re used to: Classic Baccarat. There are no additional rules to distinguish it from regular Baccarat. The only difference is the Peek Feature and how you can bet. The fact that you can double or triple your bet piques my interest.

Unlike other similar games such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, there is no entry fee. You can also increase your bets after the first cards are revealed, but you will not be penalised for doing so. When you win the bet, the fee is also removed.

Peek Baccarat live will be available in the first half of 2022 at your favourite Evolution live online casinos. In addition to the mechanics, you will be able to enjoy side bets and traditional commission baccarat gameplay. Seeing the cards before the end of the round sounds like a lot of fun, but it also costs 20% more.

We hope you enjoyed our look at Peek Baccarat. As soon as we learn more about the game, we will fill in the gaps. This year, we’re looking forward to playing Peek Baccarat for real money at top Evolution live casinos!

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