Paroli Betting System in Roulette | How Does It Work?

The Paroli betting system is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. If you are well accustomed with the Martingale system, it won’t be that difficult to understand about the Proli system or strategy in the game of Roulette. The Paroli betting system is one of the most straightforward strategies that can help the bettors to increase their profits in the game. The ideal concept of the strategy is for adjusting the wager size and it depends on the previous game results.

Paroli betting is a typical gambling model based on the positive progression. The reason most bettors use this strategy in their Roulette games is that it helps enhance the winning probability as it targets smaller consistent stakes. Also, with the Paroli betting system, the losing risk is lower. When the bettor wins the bet, as per the Paroli system, they should double their stake value. The marginal advantages from every bet eventually keeps on recurrently adding and boosts the overall earnings of the player.

Paroli system is not as difficult as might seem to be and is even easier to comprehend if you regularly practice the same while active betting. Using a Paroli system does not necessarily mean that the win is guaranteed, but definitely it improves the chances of winning. This win could be through margins but only when you can improve the stakes progressively. The Paroli system can also be used to predict the bet outcomes. If the Paroli system actually starts working out for the bettor, they could enhance the stake amount and keep on winning for better payouts. Roulette and Blackjack are the two most important casino games that use the Paroli system.

Paroli Betting System – Must Know Facts

Paroli betting system is a positive progression model based betting system used in several casino games including Roulette. It was originally invented by Blaise Pascal. Actually, he was the same mathematician who was the mastermind behind creating the Roulette’s wheel.

The origin of the word “Paroli” is from the Latin word – “Par” that means to be equal to. However, it would be incorrect to assign the complete credit of Paroli to Blaise. Because he only developed the idea while older mathematicians like Victor Bethel have already laid foundations for the same.

Here is a short insight to how a player can use the Paroli betting system in the game of Roulette and in several other sports betting events.

Rule 1: Fix the Base Stake

The first step towards using Paroli betting system is to decide on the base amount that you want to start the betting cycle with. This should be based on your available bank balance and also the amount you set aside for betting.

Rule 2: A win will be followed by a Double Up

For every cycle that you win, double up the betting amount. Here doubling up refers to double of the initial bet amount.

Rule 3: No more Doubling after 3 wins

The previous rule that we described will not hold true when the player already has three consecutive straight wins.

If you lose a bet, the next consecutive bets should be the base stake amount.

How Does the Paroli Betting Strategy Work?

The Paroli betting system can be a bit intimidating to understand in the beginning especially for the beginners. The outside bets are easier to get along with however you could also start with the inside bets. One of the typical examples of Paroli is to choose red/black , 1-18/19-36 or even/odd. The first step is to get started with deciding the betting strategy. There are multiple avenues that you can opt for after the first bet. For example, if the player loses the first bet, they must choose the same bet again.

If the player wins, they must place the bet amount plus the win amount on the next roulette coup. This step is often termed as the first progression. Progressions are the steps that you follow in roulette. One of the prime roulette strategies especially when you are working with the Paroli strategy is to decide on the number of progressions you want to make. The higher the number of progressions, the higher is the risk but the more you risk, the greater are your chances of a natural win.

While playing the Roulette, Paroli can lead you to plenty of losses. But it will also help you to experience multiple bog wins, only if you can play statistically. However, the truth is Paroli is not quite a reliable system in the long run.

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