Online Gambling Apps in Bangladesh: Is It Legal?

People from bangladesh who are into gambling for a while might be aware that gambling is illegal in bangladesh. This implies that online casino apps are also banned. This rule is quite strict according to the laws but still bangladesh people can play certain casino games.  Gambling laws in Bangladesh are very old; most of them predate the country as they were just copied from the old British rules and regulations from colonial times.

Gambling Laws In Bangladesh

According to Public Gambling act 1867-  An Act to provide for the punishment of public gambling and the keeping of common gaming-houses in Bangladesh. This law does not cover internet wagers.

But, Bangladeshi people can play various lotteries and bet on horse races.

Online Gambling Law In Bangladesh

Gambling laws are of course clear in other countries. But, In Bangladesh laws are quite partial if we talk about online gambling.

As we discussed the Act 1867 above, according to this some people believe that it applies to online gambling.

Well, it is not written anywhere specifically that online/virtual gambling is illegal. We can see that there are a lot of online gambling apps in Bangladesh and many Bangladeshi citizens are part of it. There are various international online gambling apps that lets in Bangladeshi players to bet online.

Casinos– We have no legal casinos in bangladesh and they are banned by govt laws. But there are lots of online casino apps that lets in bangladeshi players to play casino safely. Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are popular games amongst the bangladesh is and they are regulated overseas by international casino companies.

Poker– There is no secret that like casino, offline poker rooms are also banned in Bangladesh. Poker is not played too often in the country, and there are certainly no legal poker rooms to be found anywhere in the country. There are a large number of poker sites and apps that make their services available to players from Bangladesh and, as with other forms of gambling, the chances of being prosecuted for playing poker online are very slim.

Why is gambling banned in Bangladesh?

Public Gambling Act 1867 is a part of Bangladesh and country decided to keep this enforcement in its constitution when it became independent from Pakistan. This law is primarily originated during the British colonial era and and Bangladeshi Govt have never changed it. 90% population of Bangladesh is Islamic Citizens and Gambling is Haram In Islam.

There are contradictions going on whether it is legal or illegal. Recently, some public figures have argued that the Public Gambling Act needs to be updated to explicitly include references to casinos, online gambling, and the names of popular dice and card games played in the country.

How to Bet Online in Bangladesh?

Wondering how to play online casino in Bangladesh? Well don’t worry you will find a safe and perfect procedure here. Before signing up on any online casino app in Bangladesh, make sure particular app have following characteristics.

The very first step to play any online casino game is to find the best app. Yeah, always check reviews and details about the casino app. Before selecting any app make sure that it has a huge collection of games, customer support, a proper license and bonuses. These are some of the factors that many casino players consider before playing for a safer side.

How to make online payment to casino apps in Bangladesh?

As there are lot of casino apps in Bangladesh, so are the casino players. But, how they make payment for the bet? Well, payments are not always possible by using credit/debit cards.

Here comes the concept of an e-wallet. Two most popular options are Skrill and Neteller. They act as an interface between your debit/credit card and casino app.


Here, we come to a conclusion that offline casino and poker clubs are illegal in Bangladesh. But there is no written law about the online casinos. Players can easily register themselves on various international casinos. Before you sign up on any casino website make sure to check its license, reviews so that you are in the safe hands. Crickex is the best betting website in Bangladesh.Their  line-up of betting options and casino games is superb, ensuring you’ll find something you love, whether it’s betting on IPL through to spinning the roulette wheel.

Hurry up and play your favourite casino game.

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