Online Casino Wagering Requirements Explained

What are online casino wagering requirements and how does it work? Most players at online casinos love getting a bonus after all you get a chance to win without risking too much of your own money. This is a good thing, right? Yes, until you know wagering requirements come with most bonuses; and these have to be completed before you can actually withdraw what you win.

The wagering requirements are multiple of the amount of the bonus given; and are indicated by a number followed by an X, which is the total amount of money that should be wagered before you can withdraw your winnings. This amount will depend on the casino and where you are in the world.

Be aware that most casinos have a higher wagering requirement on signup bonuses or no deposit offers for new players. Since these are the ones most taken advantage of loyal customers may also receive bonuses with low wagering requirements as a thank you from the casino. Let’s understand this with the example of the wagering requirements.

Example of Casino Wagering Requirements.

A bonus with a wagering requirement of 30X means that you need to make wages at least 30 times the amount of the given bonus before being allowed to withdraw. So, if you are given a bonus of 100 taka you would need to make 3000 taka wagering requirement. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a balance of 3,000 taka because of every bet you make on allocated games.

Whether you win or lose, it will be counted towards your wagering requirement. So, if you made 10 spins, you will win 8 taka. 8 taka you would be down on your overall balance but have bet 10 taka towards your wager and requirement. If you made another 10 spins that cost you 1 euro each spin; then your overall balance will be 1000 taka but you’ve still bet 10 taka towards your wagering requirement.

Now, let us tell you about the Deposit + Bonus Wagering Requirement.

Deposit + Bonus Wagering Requirement.

Let’s understand the Deposit + Bonus Wagering Requirement in simple words. If you need to wager both your bonus and the money you deposit; then you usually start with wagering towards the bonus straight away. You’ll be playing with both real money and the bonus money at the same time and the split is equal to the percentage you got from a bonus.

Therefore, If you got a 100-euro bonus and you bet 2 taka on a spin of a slot; then you’re betting 1 euro real money and one euro bonus money. If you win from this spin the payouts will again be split between real and bonus according to the same percentage.

Now, let us tell you the bonus terms, and how you can choose the bonus type.

Bonus Terms

the first thing you should be aware of is that there is a multitude of different bonuses available in online casinos; and the same goes for the terms connected to them. The terms are what determine if the bonus is good enough because this is what decides when you can cash out your winnings.

So, when choosing a bonus don’t just look at the percentage of extra money or the amount of cash or free spins you can get. You should take some time to understand what is required before, you can withdraw your winnings from the casino.

How to Choose the Bonus Type?

As you can see from the examples we’re wagering. It can seem that it’s much to get a bonus where the only bonus needs to be wagered as the total amount you need to wager is less. That’s not always the case though because of the fact, that you will have to lose your own money first.

In many cases, the other option is where you need to wager both are just as good or even better; depending on the percentage you get as a bonus as a rule of thumb if you get less than 100 taka as a bonus; it is better to only way to the bonus but if you get more than 100 taka as a bonus.

Both versions are good, equal, or bad depending on how you want to see the terms.


Whatever you want with whichever bets and volatility you prefer as it’s your real money. The bonus money is converted into real money; you need to make sure not to breach any of the bonus terms. Because if you breach them, the casino might take your winnings and then first forfeit the whole bonus.

Choosing the right bonus with the right terms is very important for making sure; that the bonus and its terms are perfect with how you want to play and what you want to play. So, that is all for this article

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