Multiplier Symbol in Slots: How it Boosts Your Winnings

Multipliers Symbol are unique features present in slot machines, as their name suggests. It has the power to increase your winnings by a fixed amount. Even though they are common, not all slots have them.

The main objective of these is to double your gains by two, three, or even one hundred or thousand times. Also, some of them may have simple operating principles. While some have slightly trickier ones. Only a few types of multipliers are present in regular play. The others will only activate during bonus or free spins rounds.

While others might contribute to your line bets and total bets. Some of these symbols will multiply your winnings. It is crucial to know the sort of symbol you are using. Based on the game you are playing (this information is available via the paytable of your chosen slot). Each game offers its own details about the use of these slot symbols.

Types of slot symbol multipliers

Base Play

Base Play Multipliers Symbol are uncommon during base play. At least not the particular ones with special symbols. The fact that many slots do feature multipliers in basic play. Yet, does not imply that there are none with them. The value of the winning payline will only be multiplied in many basic play variants, though. For example, the total reward for landing 5 Cars on one active payline will be 2X. If you also get a 2X multiplier on the line.

Free Spins

These slot machine symbols are more common during bonus games and free spins. These symbols provide more fun and have a distinct vibe from the regular game. Because they are only used in bonus rounds.

Many multiplier slot symbols are on the reels of slot machines during free spins. Others additionally offer players the option to choose the multiplier symbol’s level. Which gives the game more depth.

The number of free spins and the highest multiplier that can occur on the reels in an online slot game may be selectable options. With this mechanism’s sliding scale. The multiplier value drops the more spins you select. You can select between 5 and 20 free spins, with a most multiplier of X20 for the first five and X5 for the last.

Scattered Multipliers

Some scatter symbols in slot machines also function as multipliers. In these slots, it works for the scatter to appear anywhere on the screen without having to be on a line. In the previous example, the feature can be activated with 3 Jets and a scatter symbol on any other line. Also, you can find a slot machine with multipliers for both wilds and scatters. Some, though, will only offer these as part of bonus or free games.

Wild Multipliers

Developers often pair wild symbols with multipliers to increase their joy. Any other sign can be replaced with a wild slot symbol to form a winning line. In this case, a wild symbol will replace the fourth matching symbol. If you have four identical symbols and one. Also, the win will be doubled by the value of the multiplier symbol if the wild is paired with a multiplier.

Avalanche Reels

The identical matching symbols in cascading reel slots are eliminated. Which Make room for fresh symbols to take their place. Thus, a lot of avalanche reel-based slots include a progressive multiplier. That rises with each successful match for each consecutive win from matching fresh symbols.

In avalanche slots, the base game includes multiplier symbols. In these games, the multiplier increases by three steps. Or more when players activate the free spins mode.

How to Use Multiplier Symbols When Playing Slot Machines

Volatile slot machines have a variety of features like multiplier symbols, stacked symbols. And other features that could boost the payoff.

It is usually important to review the paytable. And rules of your preferred slot machine before playing. A screen will have an icon on it that leads to another screen. The winning symbols are listed in a table on that screen. Along with multiplying symbols, their payouts, and the requirements for activating them. You will also see the variations per bet.

Because slot makers alert players to the presence of multipliers. And other bonuses by unique sounds, flashing symbols, and other means. You will know when you have activated a multiplier.


A player’s winnings may be multiplied by multipliers, or their line or total bets may be affected. Checking your selected slot game’s information and paytable is always advised. If you want to have a thorough understanding of how the various machine symbols function. Because understanding how multipliers operate in any slot game is essential.

When playing slots that use this principle. Players can find and enjoy multipliers, which are a great feature. Because there is no drawback to multipliers. They boost the experience, they are special.

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