Multi Tabling in Online Poker: A Complete Guide

In simple words, Multi tabling is a method of playing poker online in which the players can participate simultaneously in multiple game tables. There is no hard and fast rule that a player must multi-table, but it is definitely more fun and exciting, especially for the pro plates. Not to forget that your chances of winning are also enhanced highly while you multi table.

In fact, it is one of the very popular strategies to maximize earnings. Players can actually win the games of poker at more than one table simultaneously. You would be glad to know that most online casinos have enough provision to help the players with multi tabling. However, online poker multi tabling is not very straightforward. There exists certain hacks, methods, rules and strategies to elucidate the process. Let us have a look at some of them:

Methods for Online Poker Multi Tabling

If you are a poker player who has by now understood the basic concepts of poker and tried out a few hands at playing the game with considerable success, it is time you can shift your focus to multi tabling especially if you want to improve your earnings. There are two approaches when it comes to online poker multi tabling: Tiling and Stacking.


Tiling – one of the most popular and most used multi tabling methods of online poker is quite easy to perform and highly profitable. In This process, the user tiles their table windows, so they can observe all the windows that are all of their participating tables  in a tile form on their screen. The best part about this process is that, since all the tiles are adjacent to each other, there is no overlapping and the view is completely clear.

Most online poker platforms that allow multi tabling want the users to adhere to this process. The number of tables or tiles you can fit on your screen depends on the size of each tile and also on the size of each tile. While tiling, the user can observe everything that goes on in the table including studying their opponents that gives them clear advantages in the game.


If you are playing on a very high number of tables simultaneously, tiling won’t be able to align with your needs. In that case, stacking is a better option. In stacking, each table window is directly placed on the top of other windows and all of them are placed on the screen. Now, stacking is not that easy because many times, the casino service providers do not offer any option for stacking. Even if the users want to mass multi-table, it is the casinos that have to facilitate this gig. The active tables pop up on the screen and the players just have to deal with the betting decisions of active tables simultaneously. The process is complex and requires expertise.

Strategies for Online Poker Multi Tabling

Here are some of the best known strategies for online poker multi tabling:

Go for the ABC Poker Strategy

Always stick to the ABC poker strategy. This means adapting the basic strategy for playing. Since playing poker on multiple tables will involve lots of decision making, it is best to stick to the basic strategies and avoid creating any difficult situation. This will ensure a positive game play and allow the p;ayer to focus on all the tables appropriately. This is the best way to ensure that the player will keep on making steady profits.

Proceed Slowly

The next best strategy to abide by is to start slowly. Take the gameplay very slow. Some pro players find multi tabling extremely easy while others fumble. The best advice is never to rush decisions. As in it, multi tabling involves lots of simultaneous moves, it is better to go slow. This is a must especially if you are new to multi tabling. Make use of the time and re-think before the moves. Following a simple, slow and steady way is perhaps the best option for making the most profits out of the game in a reasonable time.

Final Words

Finally, online poker multi tabling can be highly profitable for your earnings if you can multitask and manage. It is not an ideal gameplay for players who rush and panic. Also, you have to understand gameplay really well before you can actually ace this one. It is better to start playing with a single table and then proceed to multi tabling as your expertise grows.

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