Monopoly Live Casino Game Strategy & Tips

Monopoly Live is a Vegas-style prize wheel game based upon the famous board game, Monopoly. Monopoly Live Casino offers a unique gameplay experience and an abundance of opportunities to win big. It is an adapted version of the world’s fourth-best selling board game monopoly. With its Live Casino features such as audio-visual experience and live presenter, Monopoly Live Casino attracts a lot of players.

Monopoly Live Casino: Features

The live casino gameplay is an adapted version of the famous board game Monopoly which offers players to win big. Unique features such as chance and bonus rounds make it more thrilling and exciting.

In total there are six different categories on which you can bet. These are 1,2,5,10, 2 rolls and 4 rolls. After you have placed your bet the live presenter spins the wheel and if the wheel stops at the number you bet on, you win.

  • Numbers: The numbers indicate how much payout you receive. The payout you can receive is X1, X2, X5, X10 if the wheel stops on 1,2,5, and 10 respectively. When you place a bet on any number and the wheel stops on it, you receive the payout multiplied by the winning number.
  • 2-rolls and 4-rolls: If you place a bet on 2-roll and 4-rolls, you will have the chance to play the bonus round. If the wheel stops on the two rolls or four rolls, you will enter the bonus round that looks much like the monopoly board game. Depending upon the dice rolls, you will land on numbers. The farther away you land, the more the chances of winning higher multipliers and bonuses. In case you roll doubles, you get to roll the dice again.
  • Chance- If the wheel stops on chance, you will either win some amount of money or will get a payout multiplier.

There are a total of 54 wheel positions in total. The position break-up is as follows:

Wheel PositionNumber of PositionsProbability of Occurrence
Number 12240.7%
Number 21527.8%
Number 5712.9%
Number 1047.4%
2 rolls35.6%
4 rolls11.8%

Quick Guide On How To Play Monopoly Live Casino

Let’s break down the gameplay features of monopoly live casino in quick and easy steps. After signing in on any live casino gaming platform online, you will enter the live casino.

  • Place your bet on any one of the six categories. These are 1,2,5,10, two rolls, and four rolls.
  • The live host will spin the wheel and depending upon where it stops, you will receive the payout.
  • In case, it lands on any of the numbers, your payout will be multiplied by that number.
  • If you land on chance, you will receive either a small amount or a payout multiplier which is multiplied to the next spin.
  • In case, the wheel stops on two rolls or four rolls, you enter the monopoly bonus round. Your aim in the monopoly live casino bonus round is to get higher numbers on the dice to collect the rewards. The farther the property, the higher is its worth.
  • The majority of the positions on the game give you cash prizes but some of them also remove some of your winnings.

Tips and Tricks for Monopoly Live Casino

To increase your chances of winning in a monopoly live casino, there are some strategies you can follow. These strategies are designed to maximize your win when your bet is successful as per the RTP and Volatility.

Strategy 1

The first and the most opted strategy is to bet on the number 2, the number 10, 2 rolls, and 4 rolls. The aim here is to increase the chances of winning by placing bets on the number 2 while also aiming to win big by betting on the number 10 and bonus rounds.

It would be unwise to not bet on the bonus rounds during any spin of the wheel because that is where you can win maximum gains.

Strategy 2

This strategy is called the chance card strategy. The aim here is to bet on every wheel position and try to land either the bonus round or the chance.

This strategy may sound like a long shot and one with a very low RTP but if you land on the bonus or chance position, you can benefit heavily.

Strategy 3

Another strategy is to bet only on the bonus rounds and wait for the wheel to land on the two rolls or four rolls. This strategy is aimed to maximize your winnings at all costs.


The monopoly live casino game is designed for maximum thrill. It’s more than just a strategy game as it provides you with a game-show experience with the help of the environment created.

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