Monopoly Big Baller Live Game Rules, Payout and RTP

The Monopoly Big Baller Live is a fun and entertaining version of the classic casino game of Monopoly. It combines multiple elements like real time gaming, better strategizing and most importantly high engagement. The game comes from the house of Evolution gaming – the ultimate big player in the world of online casinos. This one is truly a prominent glow up in your forever favorite Monopoly game. The game combines a thrilling use of augmented reality, 3D stages and live interaction to amplify the overall fun quotient. The game offers a RTP of 96.10% upon an optimal play.

Monopoly Big Baller – Gameplay

This one is a Bingo style game. This bingo game can be played with 4 bingo cards and the way to win prizes is by line completion with the Bingo cards. Each completed line will fetch you a reward in the range 2X to 199X. In addition to the normal bingo card game rounds, you can also play two bonus rounds that are Five Rolls and Three Rolls respectively. Once you qualify these preliminary bonus rounds, you can get access to the Monopoly board bonus round.

For every round in the game, the game presenter draws out 20 balls from the Bingo machines. The Bingo machines have 60 coloured balls each that are sequentially numbered. The game features two types of Bingo cards – Chance cards and Free Space cards. When it comes to the Chance card, the completed lines that pass through the center leads to a higher payout. For the other type of card, it is the free space in the center that helps to complete the lines that runs through the center.

What to Know About the Game

Here are the most important facts to know if you intend to perform better in the Monopoly Big Baller game:

  • The player has the choice to select the number and type of Bingo cards to help them play between Free Space Cards and Chance cards.
  • The minimum payout for any line is 2X while the complete line multiplier can pay up to 50X.
  • A player needs three numbers to win 3 Rolls and four numbers to win the Five Rolls. If the player wins three rolls and five rolls simultaneously, they can opt for two bonus rounds

The game starts within a span of time as short as 12 seconds. The first task of the player is to decide how many Bingo cards they want to start with. It also comes as a huge decision on the player to decide whether they want to play the bonus card or not. Players can mix up the cards to create a combination of Chance and Free Space cards. Now select the bet amount and click on the bet spots.

Usually there are three types of multipliers in the game namely Standard, Line and Global. Each of them have a unique way of helping the players win.

Monopoly Big Baller Overview

Before you start playing the game, here is a short snippet of it.


  • Huge Jackpot win possibility
  • Several exciting variants of the game
  • Real time fun interactions


  • Extremely addictive
  • Cannot work with slow internet connection

Best Strategies to Ace Monopoly Big Baller

Planning to win significant rewards at the Monopoly Big Baller game? Here are some of the top notch strategies that you can apply to your game:

Understanding the Game Structure

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the structure of the game. Since there is a live host and several Monopoly themed bonus rounds, it is vital you explore the basic and bonus gameplay to make the complete use of chances and win better.

Go for Balanced Betting

The Monopoly Big Baller Live game can only prove to be successful for players, if they go for a balanced betting strategy. That is not committing the entire available resource pool on betting for high payout rewards. The best possible way is to diversify your investment across multiple low risk areas that can generate guaranteed substantial rewards.

Bonus Rounds

Undoubtedly it is the bonus rounds that will fetch you maximally. So look out for the bonus prizes and play responsibly.

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about the Monopoly Big Baller Live Game. Get to your favorite online casino and play this amazing game to win big and indulge in a thrilling experience. Evolution has truly done one of a kind amazing job with the Monopoly Big Baller game incorporating thrilling elements in the classic Bingo style game.

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