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MONOPOLY Big Baller is a brand-new game show that is like bingo and is based on one of the most popular board games of all time. Players have more chances to win, which makes the game more fun and keeps them interested the whole time. And if you want to get into the MONOPOLY spirit, try your hand at the Bonus Game, where MR. MONOPOLY himself will move around a 3D MONOPOLY board and pick up multiplier prizes. MONOPOLY Big Baller is a riverboat game in which players try to get as many people as possible to look at their ball drawing machine. MR. MONOPOLY is always there to help you match numbers and cross finish lines.

Playing Monopoly Big Baller:

Bet one to four “Chance” or “Free Space” cards. After making a bet, the 55 betting grid card will randomly give a number between 1 and 60. You can change any free space card into a chance card and any chance card into a free space card.

  • A card with a “free space” in the middle acts as a “drawn number” and makes it easier for the player to finish a line.
  • There is always a multiplier in the middle cell on a chance card. More multipliers can add to the card in any empty cell.

Mr. Monopoly will pull a lever randomly, giving your cards free spaces and multipliers soon after the betting time. A small dot on the page could show a big number. When one or more balls are pulling add up to the number on the multiplier card, the multiplier is turned on. Chance multipliers come in three types: Standard, Line, and Global. Standard adds this number to the payout on any line. You’ll get more money if you win on this line (any winning line on this card receives the multiplied payout, the line does not need to contain the multiplier).

When a Free Space or Multiplier is adding to a card. Nonetheless, the ball drawing machine will pick 20 of the 60 numbered balls at random. If one of the numbers on your card matches the number on the drawn ball, your card will get a dot. By looking at the screen, you can see how many balls are left and how many have already been taken. A red ball is on one or more of your cards. The numbers on your cards don’t match any of the grey cubes. You win if you bet on a line and complete it.

Bonus Round of Monopoly Big Baller:

To play the Bonus Game, wager on “3 Rolls” or “5 Rolls”. The numbers “3 Rolls” and “5 Rolls” can have a random open space. Although, after the betting, time is completing. The Bonus Game will start straight away if all 20 numbers. Besides, the three different numbers for “3 Rolls” and four different numbers for 5 Rolls.

For each betting position are drawn. In fact, in the Bonus Game, two dice are using. The dice will be rolled three times if you are dealt three “3 Rolls” cards. Hence, the dice will rolling five times. Meanwhile, if all the numbers on a “5 Rolls” card are drawn. There will be two distinct Bonus Games very fast. In spite, if the numbers on both Bonus Game cards are drawn.

Board Game of Monopoly Big Shot:

The MONOPOLY Big Baller board looks the same as a regular MONOPOLY board, except that each property has a multiplier added. At the start of the Bonus Game, random homes or hotels are making on some properties. On the other hand, which increases their multipliers. Depending on how many times you roll the dice, Mr. Monopoly will travel around a certain amount of squares. A list of your Bonus Game and Bonus round total winnings will display for your review. You could win money or pay a charge if Mr.

Monopoly appears on Chance or Community Chest. Indeed, Mr. Monopoly will send to prison if he lands on the “Go to Jail” square. It would help if you rolled a double to escape from prison. If you spend time in jail or complete the Bonus Game while there, your bonus money won’t reduce. You earn one additional roll if you roll a double during the standard Bonus Game.

If you get a bonus, 10% of it will taxes as income. If it is sufficiently large, 20% will be subject to Supertax. All of the awards on the board will double. If Mr. Monopoly signals “GO.” The Bonus Game ends when no more rolls are remaining. Moreover, any Bonus winnings are add to any Bingo game winnings.


MONOPOLY Big Baller Live will be fun for people who like Monopoly in any form. But it could also be interesting to people who haven’t played any other Evolution games. We’ll try out the updated versions of Evolution’s two most popular games when summer finally comes.

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