Live Quantum Roulette – Payouts & Review

An innovative new game called Live Quantum Roulette has overtaken the online casino industry. It’s a hugely immersive game that combines modern technology with classic roulette action to create an engaging gaming experience. The game’s distinctive elements, such as live dealers, stunning graphics, and attractive payouts, have helped it to become very popular.

We will look at Live Quantum Roulette in this article and learn more about its payouts, features, and general gameplay.

Game Features:

Playing live quantum roulette requires special skills as it is a complex game. The game uses a live dealer and a typical European roulette wheel with 37 pockets numbered 0-36. When the roulette ball lands on a winning number, it spins in real-time, giving players a real feel. The live dealer interactions with the players create an extremely engaging gaming environment.

A distinctive aspect is the presence of multipliers in live quantum roulette. The game can select between one and five random numbers, each receiving a multiplier between 50x and 500x. Any straight bet will pay well if the ball lands on the chosen number. Dealer voice level, background noise, and game speed can be changed when playing Live Quantum Roulette.


Playing live quantum roulette is very similar to playing regular roulette. The dealer spins the ball as players place their bets on the roulette table, hoping it will land on a winning number. Several other ways to bet on sports include inside, outside, and combination bets. The type of bet and the probability of an outcome will determine the winnings. However, the quantum leap element sets Live Quantum Roulette apart from other games. The game can select a random number and give it a multiplier of up to 500x. Players who place a direct bet on the chosen number can win a jackpot if the ball lands on it.


Thanks to the Quantum Leap feature, Live Quantum Roulette offers great payouts. Players can win up to 500 times their initial bet, depending on the multiplier they choose. The outside bet has a payout of 1:1, the lowest payout in the game. The maximum payout for straight bets is 35:1, and if a multiplier is used to increase the value of the chosen number, the payout can go up to 17,500 when the maximum multiplier is used.

The RTP for this particular live roulette game is 97.3%, higher than many others. The payouts, like any other casino game, vary depending on the type of bet and the game’s outcome.

Tips for Playing Live Quantum Roulette:

All number bets

At first glance, this is the best option. You can bet on thirty-seven positions with a single zero on the wheel. It wouldn’t be so bad if casino didn’t change the payouts. However, the payout for the winning bet on consecutive numbers has been reduced from 35:1 to 29:1. If that number receives a multiplier boost, then there is no problem. However, if there are no multipliers to multiply your returns, you will lose a significant amount.

Therefore, you should only use a large scale when using this technique. Early multipliers can get you out in the dark. The delayed multiplier can save you from total loss and even wipe out your money. Also, it ensures that you get both the direct wins and any multiplier wins that come your way.

Wheel betting section

This method is easier on your wallet. Instead of betting on all the numbers, you wait for the ball to land on a specific wheel area. As a result, the number of bets you need to place before each round could be much higher. On the other hand, your chances of winning decrease as you cover fewer numbers this way. You may miss when the multiplier appears.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always bet on serial numbers. Bets on a split number can be placed using the racetrack to bet on a particular wheel section. These bets should be avoided as multipliers cannot be used with them. Therefore, you should place your bets manually or replace split bets with direct number bets.

Multiplayer additional bet

The only payment that has changed is direct. At Quantum Roulette by casino, all bets and additional benefits are available. As a result, some players prefer to play the game normally while simultaneously betting on the multipliers. If you go this route, we recommend using some popular roulette methods to profit elsewhere.


A unique roulette game called Live Quantum Roulette has raised the bar for online roulette. Live Quantum Roulette comes highly recommended for roulette fans looking for an exciting and captivating gaming experience. For casino game enthusiasts looking for something different, this game is a must-play due to its great payouts, exclusive features, and high RTP. We discussed what Live Quantum Roulette is in the previous post, along with some additional details.

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