Live Mega Sic Bo – Features, Review & Bonus

Live Mega Sic Bo is a popular Chinese game of pure chance with no skill or strategy. The Sic Bo is played with only three dice. Gamblers stake on the game outcome, and that is all there to Sic Bo.

Firstly, the board might look tough, but it is simple. Each variation on the dice is shown on the board, along with the payout odds. Once all stakes are placed, the three dice are rolled by the dealer using an electronic dice roller.

How to Play Live Mega Sic Bo

Live Mega Sic bo is an interesting game to play. It has a huge gambling board with wagering options that gamblers may take benefit from. All the multipliers in the game get added to the existing wagers. You may choose a coin and place it on the bets you may win. The payouts for all stakes are seen on the gambling table.

The automatic dice shaker is used to consider the results of each match. Three dice are shaken, and the numbers they show may consider if you win or not. The host does not communicate with the dice shaker. The role is to keep gamblers engaged. If your bet rounds are visible, you win the round.

Sic Bo Basic Rules

To play Live Mega Sic Bo is easy. Gamblers stake on the outcome of three dice rolled by the deal. A table displays different gambling options, and a stake is placed by placing a token on the relevant board segment.

Features of Live Mega Sic Bo

Multipliers are the biggest addition to the Live Mega Sic Bo game. They are seen on random gambling positions. Also, odd or even and big or small stakes cannot get the benefit. The payout option increases based on the wager the multipliers apply to. The highest multiplier is the triple, where the payout ratio is 999:1

You may see how each individual wins and chases trends. The left side of the display shows odd or even and big or small stakes. To the right side of the gambling table, you will see statistics. They display how each dice number is the winning part, and it helps you to make decisions wisely. 

You can stake your bets by analyzing this right side of the betting board. Also, the best part of Live Mega Sic Bo is, it permits an unlimited number of gamblers to enjoy the game.


Winning probability depends on the wagers you make. If you take less risk, you will get less money. Odd or even stakes or even big or small stakes, all pay money when won. It cannot be increased through multipliers.

There is a similar trend when playing totals. Numbers that appear often pay less and edge cases offer incredible rewards.

  • 17 or 4 pay 50:1-499: 1
  • 6 or 15 pay 15:1- 149:1
  • 5 or 16 pay 20:1- 249:1
  • 14 or 7 pay 12:1- 29:1
  • 11 or 10 pay 6:1-24:1
  • 12 or 9 pay 6:1-24:1
  • 13 or 8 pay 8:1-24:1

Triple and double will boost up to 19:1 and 87:1. For a single stake, triple and double payout is 2:1 and 3:1 and 1:1

Strategies to play Live Mega, Sic Bo

Remember to use these strategies wisely in your Live Mega Sic Bo game:

Place your bets

Keep chips on the squares on the board as per the variations you think will appear on the dice. Ensure you stake the amount that you can afford to lose.

Collect payout 

Dealers clear the stakes that don’t match and pay the ones that do. The complete process starts again. So, once you win, collect the payout without forgetting.

Purchase chips

Ensure to purchase chips. To buy them, place your money on the board, and a dealer will give you chips in exchange for your money.

Plan budget

Budget planning is important while playing the Live Mega Sic Bo game. You must plan your budget before starting your game and stop when you lose money. Also, remember that it is your hard-earned money, so play carefully.

Combining Stakes

If you want bigger gains, you must take the risk. But at the same time, ensure that won’t break the bank. Place your chips on several areas of the gambling table. The best-winning strategy to win cash is to ensure you have four different winning chances in each round. 

While you may lose four times your stake if you don’t become a winner, you will win when you do. You must remember to use your strategies wisely while playing the Live Mega Sic Bo game.

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