Live Dragon Tiger Variations & Betting Strategy

Having become one of the most played live casino games in just over a couple of years of its introduction, the Live Dragon Tiger game has indeed attracted much of spotlight. The game originated in Cambodia and today is one of the most played global games in any online casino. High definition videos coupled with the speed of play makes it highly attractive to amateur and pro players alike.


The Live Dragon tiger game is extremely easy to play. The simple yet exciting interface of the game is truly an attraction for players of all levels.

The closest variation of this game could be the traditional Baccarat that we mostly play in the online casinos. This is because the betting style is the one followed in the Baccarat game. The gameplay is quite simple – just a chance play event to describe it all. The game is based on a regular 52 card deck like most other casino card games. This is dealt from a standard blackjack notion. Players don’t have to think of any additional wild or joker cards.

Understanding the Game – Live Dragon Tiger

The game fundamentally relies on betting on cards that will lead to the highest payout. The player has to place a bet on either the Tiger or the Dragon – whichever they think will win over the higher spot. If your assumptions turn out to be correct, you win the game and if it does not you lose it. Players can also place the bet on Tie. If the player has placed the bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger and the Tie card wins up, the player loses 50% of their bet value.

Apart from the main bets, there are couple of side bets in the game as follows:

  • Dragon Big or Tiger Big
  • Dragon Small or Tiger Small
  • Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd

Theoretically speaking, the live dragon tiger game offers varied RTP for the various types of bets. The RTP for the main Dragon or Tiger type of bet is 96.27%. The RTP of the Tie bet is 82.17% and the RTP for the side bets is 92.31%.

The game does not come with any free demo version and there is absolutely no chance of practicing it for free. You can watch a couple of you tube live streams to understand the whereabouts. This game is mostly based on chance events so ideal for players who enjoy thrills and excitement of uncertainty. It is also ideal for the amateur players because the betting does not involve much difficulty. The options for betting and even the winning streaks are extremely easy with this game. The high definition graphics and lucrative gaming interface makes it even more enjoyable.

Strategies to Win Live Dragon Tiger Game

Since this one is a fast paced game, you truly need to understand about the various strategies involved with the game to make the win possible. Here are some of the best strategies that can help you to win the Dragon Tiger game:

Identifying the game payout

Be sure that you know about the payouts and rules of the game before starting on it. The payouts of the same game varies across the different casino interfaces. So, it is vital to check it out before investing. Go for the casino that offers some best rewards.

Set Playtime Limits

This game is quite addictive and also involves the risk of losing money.  If you don’t understand when to stop the gameplay. If you are planning on winning big and quick, the best way out is definitely to set playtime limits.

Pattern Breaking

You might be surprised with this information, but relying on pre-existing patterns is not a great way to play the game. Pay less attention to what has happened in the past and get along with new patterns. Instead figure out successful betting strategy on your own that would help in game winning

Final Words

Dragon Tiger is by far one of the best selling products of Evolution Gaming. If you are a novice to the game, presume it as the most simplified version of Baccarat. It can be understood by almost everyone. The rounds are fast paced, the game progresses really quick – so that is a fun filled fast game. It was released back in 2018 and has since then attracted a very high crowd of players. Mostly popular with the Asian audience, this is your gateway to enter into the world of online casino gambling.

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