What Is Line Shopping and How Does It Work?

If you’re planning to bet on sports, there are several factors to consider before placing your bets, including the odds and lines. Line shopping in sports betting is one such concept you can aim for a better potential payout by reducing the risk of losses.

Different sportsbooks have a common goal to balance the wagers on both sides of every bet. It allows sportsbooks to gain huge profits from the odds and lines without having to stress about which team wins.

You might have a doubt that is line shopping worth it in the long term. It would be interesting to know what is meant by line shopping in sports betting and how it works by understanding its different types. Also, you need to know the various sports betting where Line Shopping is applicable.

What is Line Shopping in Sports Betting?

Line Shopping in sports betting is the simplest method of finding the most favourable odds for the teams or betting markets you’re planning to place bets on.

In other words, it is the practice of comparing the odds provided by different sportsbooks for the same event or game.

When participating in line shopping you should mainly look for the best possible number before placing bets. Even the small differences can impact your overall returns.

For instance, if you want to bet on a $100 game. Different sportsbooks offer varied profits based on the following odds:

  • 87 USD profit on odds of -115.
  • 90.90 USD profit on odds of -110
  • 95.20 USD profit on odds of -105
  • A complete profit of 100 USD profit on odds of +100

Though these differences may seem small, they can result in a huge value when added up in the end.

Different Types of Line Shopping in Sports Betting

You need to consider these different bets when you’re shopping for lines in various sports betting contests:

1. Point Spread Shopping:

In point spread betting, you need to analyse the real odds and spreads to place bets. Especially, in games like NFL football, the spread might be a half point like “6.5” or a whole number such as “7”. It means that one team is favoured to win by 6.5 points, and you will have a clear winner because you cannot have half the points in football. In the case of a whole number like “7”, a “push” occurs when the game concludes, and you will get your money back.

2. Over/ Under Shopping:

Over and under-line shopping focuses on the total points, goals, or runs accumulated in a game. Similar to the point spread bets, they can be around -110 for each side.

3. Moneyline Shopping:

Moneyline shopping is based on the winner of the game between two teams. There isn’t any spread or bet you need to worry about. For example, a small move of 0.15 points can drive you to achieve bigger profits on a single win.

Line Shopping for various Sports Betting:

Here are the following sports where Line Shopping is applicable, and you can plan your sports betting activities accordingly:


The NFL games are mostly watched in the United States and bettors have a complete week to analyse minute details of the game. It is the best time to plan for a line shopping in sports betting when the odds are announced and before the play starts. You can find favourable numbers due to the significant movement of lines.


Typically, an NBA game features hundreds of points. It means that a half-point difference in the NBA odds wouldn’t have much impact like other sports. If the line is in the range of 5-7, which is the basic final margin of NBA games, there is always a chance. You must shop early with a perfect game plan to gain huge profits.


The Moneyline bets are the most active ones in MLB odds. It results in larger wins or smaller losses throughout a six-month season. Similar to other sports, an additional 0.5 points in the total can impact the overall outcome. Though the runline may remain at 1.5, the odds on either side remain unchanged.


Similar to the MLB, NHL moneylines are active. You need to make sure that you gain the best returns before wagering. The over and under bets in the NHL maintain a narrow range, but still, there are variations in the odds.

Is Line Shopping in Sports Betting worth it? Conclusive Facts

Though Line shopping may offer a small initial value to a bettor’s selection, it can add up and prove to be beneficial in the long run.

At the same time, the toughest part of the line shopping in sports betting is opening multiple accounts at different sportsbooks. You need to find a trustworthy online platform that makes it simple to manage multiple accounts and provides sign-up bonuses.

Through Line Shopping, your understanding of sports betting improves and impacts directly on your profit potential. Overall, Line shopping is a straightforward method to keep your finances under control and increase profits to the best possible extent

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