Learn Hi-Lo Card Counting Strategy

Any serious blackjack player have at least a basic understanding of the Hi-Lo card counting system. Whether they are a recreational player looking to compete in a casino while on vacation. Or a seasoned professional card-counter. The reason is that, like how basic strategy is the basis for playing great basic blackjack. The Hi-Lo strategy, which is one of the easiest method to master. It is the very basis of all card-counting.

The High-Low is most known for its simplicity. And as a result, it is still by far the most used card-counting method in use today.

How does it works?

One of the simplest card counting methods is the Hi-lo. One of the primary reasons for its high rating are here.

A few easy steps is needed to use this system. Here is a quick guide on how to use the Hi-Lo.

Step 1- Give Each Card a Value

You must divide the cards into various groups. And give each group a distinct point value for this counting method:

  • Low cards (2 to 6) equal one.
  • Cards that don’t count (7, 8, and 9) equal zero.
  • High cards (10 and up) are worth -1.

Regardless of whether a card is meant for you. The player after you, or the dealer, you must keep an eye out for and count each one as it comes out of the shoe. The count can be thrown off if you forget to count even one card, which reduces your potential edge.

Step 2 – Use the True Count instead

In today’s blackjack games, there are often many decks. Thus, when playing shoe games, you must take into account all the decks that are at your fingertips.

The number of decks included in the “true count” is many. The running accurate count is multiplied by the anticipated number of remaining card decks to get the real count.

Here’s an example of how you can do it:

There are currently 8 cards in play.

Four decks are the number you expect to be left.

The correct card count is 8 / 4 = +2.

Step 3 – Increase Bets When Required

Raising bets during positive counts is the last step in using the Hi-Lo. To do this, you must first choose a unit size that represents the rate of bet rise.

Here’s how you can go about doing this:

  • The smallest bet at the table is $10.
  • You bet as little as you can until the true count turns in your favor.
  • You choose a $25 unit size.
  • For each +1 on the true count, you will increase by one unit.
  • $25 bet plus one true count
  • $50 bet plus two true counts
  • $75 bet with a 3 true count
  • 4 true count is a $100 bet.

When choosing the size of your units, you must be careful. A larger unit and, hence, greater raises often tip off a casino employee. Or the pit manager, leading to your dismissal from the casino.

The spread should often fall between 1-10 ($10 to $100) and 1-15 ($10 to $150). Although some casinos may be stricter or looser about these spreads. 1-15 is the highest you can go in an honest way.

Step 4 – Knowing the High-Low Playing Strategy

You may find the right Hi-Lo strategy for any count and hand situation vs. the dealer’s up-card online. Memorize these charts and learn to read them. You’ll see that 80% of hand-play decisions line up with basic strategy. Thus you should also know basic strategy. The hand-strategy will change when the positive and negative counts are both high.

Basic strategy indicates, for example, that you should always hit your ten against a ten or an ace up card. Yet, you would double down if the positive count was high.

When playing basic strategy, you would never fold a thirteen against a two up. But, you would hit it when the count is high and negative.


The Hi-Lo card counting strategy is a well-liked. It is the effective way to improve your blackjack game. Players can change their bets and make better choices based on the remaining cards in the deck. They can do so by keeping track of the high and low cards. It is vital to keep in mind that card counting is not safety device. And that efficient use takes skill and self-control. Before trying to use card counting in a casino setting. It’s important to be aware of the rules and regulations as some casinos may forbid it.

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