Jeetwin 56% Affiliate Commission on the 6th Jeetwin Anniversay

There are a ton of online casinos, so there is a lot of competition. To attract new gamers, each of them delivers special incentives. As more and more markets are sought after, all online casinos. Even affiliates are employed by them to promote their platform. Online casinos also benefit people in nations like Bangladesh. Where the rules around betting and gaming are still new to them. To enjoy the fun and pleasure, gamblers prefer to visit online casinos. Because it makes their whole experience easier.

One of the top platforms with such unique benefits is Jeetwin. Thus helping them in expanding their user group. Even assist them in keeping the current players. One of the well-known of these programs is the Jeetwin Affiliate Commission program. In basic terms, it offers active gamers a chance to win extra cash. Even more so, it motivates them to recruit more new players to the Jeetwin BDT casino. Through the Jeetwin affiliate program.

This article will discuss a great chance to boost your win using Jeetwin affiliate BDT.

Affiliate Program for Jeetwin

The Jeetwin affiliate commission program allows players to increase their earnings. They work to attract more customers to the casino. They are the platform members who receive a commission for promoting them. An example would be when a company pays a commission to attract customers. As a result, the platform and the affiliate will both profit more.

Also, you receive a 50% flat fee of the player you added net revenue. Yet, there are conditions associated with it. In the following sections, we will go over those.

An increase in the affiliate commission rate

As Jeetwin’s sixth anniversary approaches. Everyone is thrilled. Jeetwin has been working in this industry for a while. And it is clear that they are excited about the completion of the six-year period. They also like to convey their joy to their affiliates. As they contribute to the operation of Jeetwin Casino. Because every contribution counts.

As a result, Affiliate Casino is increasing the commission percentage. Under this Jeetwin affiliate commission program, they will receive 56% of the commission. Although the offer is still valid for another four months. This period runs from June 1 until September 30, 2023. You still have an opportunity to make even more money. For affiliates with appeal, four months is a long time. As a result, during four months, it may generate an additional Affiliate commission.

How does the Affiliate commission program operate?

Assume you are a Jeetwin Casino affiliate. So, you must meet specific standards to be eligible for the Jeetwin affiliate commission. Such as

  • The first thing to note is that, as an affiliate, you cannot earn the fee by bringing one or two people to the site. At least five new players must have signed up for the casino using your affiliate link.
  • The gamers must also be engaged in the casino. Many only attempt to add players to receive a commission. But, Jeetwin demands that participants use the site frequently. It implies that they must take part and bet as well. As a result, they can provide income for the Jeetwin Live casino.
  • Also, the players’ net income must be at least BDT 2,000. So, you are eligible to get the Jeetwin affiliate commission.

Thus, after you have met those standards, you can begin receiving the commission. Let’s use an example to clarify. Let’s say the players made 5000 BDT in net profit. You can now receive 50% of the standard Jeetwin affiliate commission. In other words, your account will contain BDT 2500.

Yet, we hold 56% of the commission for those four months. The affiliate will thus receive BDT 2800 in additional income. As a result, BDT 300 has an added benefit.


We have learned about the exciting and profitable offer of Jeetwin Casino from the above-detailed explanation. From the beginning of June through the end of September of this year. You can earn a 56% commission in Jeetwin affiliate. Given that the Jeetwin is celebrating a very major occasion. A great celebration is in order for the 6-year milestone. That has quite a presence in the online casino business. And it is admirable that they are sharing their joy with their affiliate family members.

But keep in mind that the affiliate commission will return to 50% after September 30, 2023. Focus on making a lot of money. Remember the rules of this program as well. Follow all the guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience.

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