Is Six Card Charlie the Best Way to Beat the Dealer?

Casinos constructed Charlie’s blackjack principles in a sea of side bets and cunning tactics to bring the house down. Our post will focus on Six Card Charlie, but we will also examine its younger sister, 5 Card Charlie. Does the dealer have to adhere to rules? Is victory a foregone conclusion? What are the chances of a Six Card Charlie winning? Find out more in the sections below.

What Would a Charlie with Six Cards?

A Six Card Charlie is a blackjack rule stating that your 6-card bust-free hand wins absolutely. The house edge in a Six Card Charlie game is an extraordinary 0.16 percent, with a 99.84 percent RTP. In a position to take account of this rule, you should always pull six cards from the shoe without busting.

Is it able to outperform Blackjack with a 5 Card Charlie?

In blackjack, it might often be enough to bust with just three cards. Assume you’ve misjudged the situation because you’ve lost track of your real count. You end up with a score of 22 in such a situation. You just popped with only three cards.

Imagine if you hadn’t been caught?

In games using the five cards Charlie rule, you are reimbursed if you have at least five cards that are less than 21. And if you reach that stage, you’ll be able to win like a natural. Consider the following numbers: 2, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Your hand has a total of 17, which is less than 21.

As a response, the game rewards players for such a rare occurrence. You’re privileged if you have eight cards in your hands with a total value of less than 21. While blackjack is a skill-based game, casinos emphasize the use of luck.

As a result, obtaining more than three cards without breaking pays out the same as or greater than a natural blackjack.

A 5-card no-buster also wins the game with a 3:2 payout in games like Spanish 21. The 5-card Charlie rule is easier to come by than its 6-card counterpart. Along with Spanish Twenty-One, there are additional games that feature it. The best part is that it’s fixed in stone, so if you acquire those five cards and don’t go above 21 million, you’re the winner. As a result, a 5-card Charlie is regarded as a natural in Spanish 21.

Top Game involving Charlie’s Six-Card Rules

To be candid, this player-friendly regulation appears in only a few games. The strongest one to take advantage of in 2021 is Pragmatic Play’s ONE Blackjack.

Crazy 7, Bust Bonus, 21+3, and Fantastic Pairs are the four side bets accessible in ONE Blackjack. And, as if that wasn’t enough, acquiring six cards without going overboard pays out 50:1!

You’ll also be rewarded 100 to 1 if you don’t bust with 7 cards. Furthermore, if you have 8 or more cards in your hand and are under 21, you will obtain a 250:1 payback!


In blackjack, what is a Charlie?

In blackjack, a Charlie rule is any rule that empowers players with three or more cards totaling less than 21 to win. The most prevalent are the 5 and 6 card decks. Some game modifications, on the other hand, pay out more for 7-member hands.

What does a Charlie do with five cards?

A 5-card rule is a specific rule in many blackjack games in which the player with the most cards without going over 21 wins. Whenever playing this sort of game, the house has a 1.46 percent advantage. The 6-card variety, on the other hand, boasts a whopping 0.18 percent house edge.

Is it conceivable for dealers to receive 5card Charlie?

This rule provides no benefit to the dealer. They may draw as many cards as necessary to reach a total of nearly 17.

What does Charlie signify in the 21st century?

In blackjack, Charlie signifies you win if you have three or more cards with a score of less than 21. In all other words, you’re the automatic winner if you don’t bust with three or much more cards in your hand.

Blackjack, how do I share the pot?

Always split aces and eights according to the fundamental strategy chart. However, in other cases, doubling following a split is a good idea.


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