How to Play Roulette Azure by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has committed to providing iGaming consumers with two outstanding live dealer Azure updates in September 2020. We spoke about Blackjack Azure last week, and this week we’ll talk about Roulette Azure.

The aesthetics of the indigo live casino game will be explained in this blog article. We’ll show you how to play and the many other types of bets and their payouts.

What Is Roulette Azure All About?

Another magnificent roulette table has been added to Pragmatic Play’s live casino vertical this autumn. We’re discussing the Devil’s Game’s Roulette Azure, a sapphire wheel and table version. The attractive dealers, generally girls, host the cobalt roulette table. The girl dealers will usually be dressed in black velvet gowns with a classic, old-Hollywood look. Additionally, they are all native English speakers, allowing you to play as if you were at a land-based casino. Roulette Azure has a standard return to player (RTP) of 97.30 percent. The game, which may be performed on a European table and wheel combo, features 37 pockets in which the ball can land.

Playing Instructions

To play Roulette Azure, you should first make a wager. The betting range in Roulette Azure is from ten cents to two thousand dollars (0.10-2,000). As a result, this roulette variant is ideal for both casual and high-roller gamers. Over 100 currencies are supported, including Euros, US dollars, and Russian rubles. Before the round begins, get your mother tongue prepared. Select one of the UI languages from the drop-down menu under Settings.

Roulette Azure is a basic and straightforward game to play. By clicking or touching on the accessible chips, you may set your wager amount. Place your stake inside the 20-second betting window. After that, the operator closes the betting and spins the wheel. The ball is spun in the opposite direction of the wheel by the croupier. The winning number is announced after the ball stops propulsion and lands in one of the 37 sockets. Your payoff will be dependent on the sort of wager you made. But we’ll get to that later. A standard Roulette Azure game is both soothing and exhilarating. 

Players will feel at ease because of the relaxing, tranquil sky-blue and courteous croupiers. They’ll communicate in hushed tones, providing you with all the comforts of a real casino. The 4K cameras, on the other hand, will move about the premises, giving you a close-up view of the action. Consequently, the gameplay’s leisurely pace compliments the live stream’s dynamics.

Best live Roulette strategies

There are numerous betting techniques available while playing live roulette. They’re also comparable to those seen in traditional casinos, making it easier for traditional gamblers to transfer to the internet realm.  In Roulette Azure, the only tactic we couldn’t use was Kesselgucken or studying the wheel. The Pragmatic Play wheel has been meticulously constructed and polished. As a result, there are no tears or bumps in Roulette Azure that may alter the ball’s momentum.

Where Should You Play?

It’s never been relatively easy to find reputable online casinos where you can play Pragmatic Play games. All you have to do now is let us manage the heavy lifting. For Roulette Azure, the Casinos Online staff has selected a handful of the best live casinos. 


VideoSlots is not only one of the greatest profitable online casinos but also one of the most trustworthy. Rarely does the online gaming industry still provide a flawless gambling platform?


Crickex is well-known among sports fans. You may wager on a variety of sports and disciplines, play online slots, and enjoy the live casino on this website. To signup and play different roulette games online, click the link below.


We endeavor to be as neutral as possible at It’s quite tough to write a negative review when a software developer releases a game of such high quality as Roulette Azure. We’ve done something before, but now we’ve done it again. Roulette Azure is a rebirth of the live roulette game from the year 2020. Its friendly, pleasant environment draws both low-stakes and high-roller gamblers. Familiar bets will be recognisable to players, but they will also have access to unique bets such as Final en Plain and Finales a Cheval. The normal RTP of 97.30 percent makes roulette players feel at ease. The play is considered Roulette Azure

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