How to Lower the House Edge in Online Roulette?

While online Roulette is one of the most loved online casino games across the world, many hesitate to give it a try or play it long because of its high house edge. Yes, the online Roulette house edge can make you lose in the longer run even if you continue winning as a huge percentage of your winning will be eaten away.

If you were trying to figure out how to lower the house edge in Roulette then we have got your back.

What is the House Edge in Roulette?

House edge in Roulette refers to the percentage of a betting amount that goes to the casino.  For every bet, the casino takes a certain percentage so that it can have revenue to continue its operations. The house edge in Roulette is relatively high, 5.26%. It means for every $10 a player bet, $ 5.26 goes to the casino.

Most of the time, the house edge in Roulette is fixed. But, players can manage to lower it down if they make some smart moves.  Next, we’re going to talk about ways to reduce the house edge in Roulette.

Best Ways to Reduce House Edge in Online Roulette?  

If you wish to trim down the house edge in online Roulette, do these moves.

Opt for the Right Roulette Version

Roulette offers many versions and each version has a unique gameplay to offer. Along with the gameplay, the house edge in Roulette is also different for different versions. You can lower the house edge easily if you choose the right Roulette version.

European and French Roulette have relatively lower house edge compared to American Roulette. Both these Roulette versions have only one zero whereas American Roulette has two single zeroes. Because of this, the house edge of American Roulette (5.26%) is higher than that of European or French Roulette (2.7%).

By simply choosing the right type of Roulette version, you can lower the house edge in Roulette.  Don’t pick any random version. Give yourself some time to research the house edge of a version. If you’re playing online Roulette at any reliable online casino like Jeetwin and Crickex then there you can see the house edge mentioned in the game description.

So, read the game description before investing money. This simple step will resolve tons of hassles.

Make the Right Bet

You can easily lower your house edge in online Roulette if you make the right type of bet. You have multiple bets. For instance, the first five bets, even money bets, red or black bets, and many more. Each bet has a different type of house bet.  For instance, the first five bets allow you to bet on spin outcomes of 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. But, this bet has a higher house edge of 7.89%. So, you should stay away from it because it will reduce your winning amount.

Similarly, you have even money bets such as red/black, odd/even, or 1018/19-36 bets. These bets have 50:50 winning possibilities. These bets have the lowest possible house edge, 2.7%. So, if you go with these bets then you automatically reduce the house edge in Roulette.

Use En Prison’ or ‘La Partage’ Rule

Another viable way to lower the house edge in Roulette than using the En Prison or La Partage rule can help you to do so. This rule mostly works in French Roulette. If you follow the La Partage rule then you have to lose half of their bet with an even-money bet when the ball lands on zero. This way, the house edge in roulette comes down to 1.35%.

On the other hand, the En Prison rule recommends players hold their bets in prison for the next spin when the ball lands on zero with an even-money bet. When the player makes the next spin, they get the original bet. If they lose in the next best, players lose the profit.

En Prison effectively gives the player a free re-spin on even-money bets when zero hits. It reduces the house edge to 1.35% on even-money bets, the same as La Partage.

In a nutshell, you will be able to reduce the house edge in Roulette on even-money bets using La Partage or En Prison rules.

Final Say

Roulette is super easy and fun to play at online casinos. But, the high house edge can stop many of us from trying it.  However, with the viable tips that we just shared with you, you have a chance to increase the house edge in online Roulette. So, when are you trying these tips?

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