How to Cheat on Casino Slot Machines? The Modern Ways You Need to Know

In the contemporary world where technology has been advancing to a great extent, gamblers find various ways to cheat on slot machines to earn a huge sum of money. These casino players are not scared of doing any illegal acts and implement unfair methods to take advantage of gambling.

Since slots are one of the most lucrative casino games that offer real money and huge payouts, it has made players more greedy. As a result, it became a cat-and-mouse game between the cheaters and the slot machines at the house.

This article isn’t a recommendation for casino lovers and never try it yourself. Rather, it is a caution to create awareness among gamblers to keep themselves away and not cheat on casino slot machines. 

You should be aware that casinos try their best efforts to nab cheaters who implement unfair methods to earn money using slot machines, by employing certain strategies like:

  • Surveillance System: Highly developed surveillance system use HD cameras across the gambling areas. These surveillance cameras provide extensive coverage by allowing the security staff to guard the machines.
  • CARDS (Casino Anti-Cheating and Recognition System):  The advanced technology of CARDS monitors a player’s behaviors and analyzes suspicious moments. Also, the advanced sensors detect players who are experts to cheat on casino slot machines and have a proven long history.

Usually, slot machines aren’t specifically designed to cheat players. Even if it is an online or land-based casino, the programmers develop a certain set of codes that makes the slot machines set a specific rate. The slot machines will promptly offer payouts at a fixed rate as long as they function accurately according to the programmed instructions.

Surprisingly, you will find various tricks a greedy gambler uses to cheat on casino slot machines.

Top 6 Naughty Tricks Used by Players to Cheat on Casino Slot Machines

Here are some of the common tricks most of the players use to cheat on casino slot machines to enjoy additional profits:

1. Shaved and Stringed Coins Cheat:

One of the popular methods to cheat on casino slot machines is to use shaved and stringed coin tricks. A player would insert the shaved coin into the machine and manipulate the sensor as a legitimate casino coin, by matching its exact shape and size.

By attaching a coin to the string, a player would be able to pull the arm by lowering it into the machine and the reels would roll on. As the coin is smaller in size, a player can pull it again and again and continue playing until they win the prize money.

2. Yo-Yo Hack method: 

By using the Yo-Yo Hack method, a gambler uses a wired or stringed coin into the slot machines. It is almost similar to the shaved coins hack. But the only difference is that the player can bring up the coin back using the string after triggering the start of the game.

Players use this method to cheat on casino slot machines, particularly land-based. Whereas, the Yo-Yo cheat won’t work for online-based casinos.

3. Cheat Codes and Computer Chip Replacement. : 

In some instances, a developer can use cheat codes as well as replace chips to make the outcome favorable.

For example,  Ronald Dale Harris- an Engineer of the Nevada Gaming Commission implemented the same method. He knew the codes in detail and gathered knowledge on how to cheat on casino slot machines. For many years, he cheated the slot machines by learning the source code.  However, his scam was unveiled after he won $100,000 on a keno game in 1995.

To access the slot machine’s internal components, a cheater replaces a chip inside the computer. As a result, a player can gain complete access and win huge rewards.

4. Light Wand Cheat:

By using a light wand, a cheater could make the optical sensor completely blank on slot machines. A user implements this handheld device with a light sensor at one end. They can effortlessly cheat on casino slot machines by placing the wand into the payout channel of the machine. Using the light wand trick helps in releasing the coins or registering a payout.

Consequently, a player can manipulate a slot machine to their advantage by converting smaller wins into huge payouts.

For example, Tommy Glenn Carmichael has a long track record of cheating millions of dollars from casino slot machines. According to the reports of the Los Angeles Times, Tommy earned at least thousands of dollars per day through the light wand device.   

5. Bill Validator Device:

Using the Bill Validator method, a player can trick digitalized slot machines. It is one of the modern methods still applicable. Participants continue to cheat on casino slot machines unless the dollar bill system is valid rather than using a player card system.

For example, a player tries to deceive the slot machine by making it accept a 100$ bill. Whereas, in reality, it has just accepted a 1$ bill.

6. Software error:

For many decades, a gambler who is an expert in coding deliberately caused a software error. A player can trigger the software by following a certain pattern to play a game.

For instance, Ron Harris installed software in the early 1990s to cheat on casino slot machines. His main intention was to make the slot machines award huge jackpots to certain players. He controlled more than thirty machines and recommended others to play slot games. Surprisingly, many players secured wins from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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