How Do You Cheat At Online Blackjack & Know The Risk Of It

Online Blackjack is a strategy and skill-based game. Many players search for ways to get around the rules and cheat the casino. The practice of tracking the cards that are dealt and those that are still in the shoe is known as card counting. And it is not considered a form of cheating. There are many ways to cheat at blackjack, the most popular ones being those that follow:

  • Marking cards, 
  • Adding chips to an existing stake
  • Utilizing blackjack cheating equipment,
  • Spotting weak dealers and looking at their hole cards.

Blackjack cheaters, yet, need amazing care and alertness at all times. Because security personnel and pit crew can find unusual activity in a matter of minutes. Also, casinos pay special attention to winners who turn a profit. So if your cheating is successful, you are bound to get more notice. In this article, we will discuss different ways to cheat at online Blackjack.

Marking Cards

One of the most well-known ways to cheat at blackjack is to mark cards. Special fluorescent dyes or physical markings can be applied to the cards. It has been observed that several high-tech methods are being used these days to label cards. But the basic idea of the game is to use a pin or something like poke or scratch a card while you’re playing. In blackjack, it appears that marking a few cards is enough to provide a player with an important edge. Players keep an eye out for color blocks on the back of the cards. Or if particular patterns have been eliminated when using a deck that may have been modified in the past.

The dealer’s hole card can be determined by the player using this type of card marking. It allows him to change his play style. Even in games that seem hard at first. The player may be able to stand and let the dealer go bust if they are aware of the hole card.

Taking advantage of a dealer

In online blackjack, taking advantage of a dealer by bribery is a less common tactic. Because, in actuality, the player and the dealer are competing with one another. The player may, still at times be able to influence the dealer to act in their favor. The dealer may be searching for a way to augment their income. Or they may be completely dissatisfied with the casino where they work. At times, a dealer of this kind will become so weak that they help the player to cheat the game.

Another way to look at the dealer hole card is through the partner. If the careless dealer exposes the hole card by flashing too high for a long time. Then, the cheating player can signal to his partner and adjust his actions. Taking benefits from the dealer is not that easy. Yet if the player is quick and observant can enjoy it.

Modifying Your Bet

Past Posting is another name for the blackjack cheating method that involves switching the bet. By using this method, the cheat tries to change the bet after learning the hand’s outcome. Using an example, let’s see how it works. Suppose that the player receives a King and Queen for a pat 20. And begins with a hand of $100 stake using four green $25 chips in play. Now, the player will add two more $25 chips to the top of the initial stack. Raising the stake to $150, while the dealer continues to hand cards around the table.

As a result, on a bet the dealer ends up busting or making an inferior total. The gambler receives $150 instead of $100. Yet, the player will take one green chip out of the stack if he feels that he is going to lose. A basic blackjack cheating method “past posting,” sometimes known as “late betting”. It relies on the idea that the dealer won’t catch on.

Chip or Card Switch

The process of switching the bets is quite like that of a card or chip switch. Yet a card switch has many more ways of switching the bet after it is put.

Ricard Marcus popularized this cheating method, making millions of dollars doing so. What he did was locate a casino where the $500 brown chips and the $5 red chips had identical looks. Thus, he would stack two $5 chips on top of a $500 chip, and if he lost, he would replace the $500 chip so that he would only lose $15. He always told the dealer the real value of the chip when he won so he could take home $1000 all at once.

Risk of cheating at online Blackjack

Even though there are several strategies available for online blackjack cheaters to use. They all carry a high failure chance and extra risks. Here are a few of the reasons why.

  • Alert Casino workers
  • Cutting-Edge Surveillance
  • Casino database
  • RFID chips


Cheating at an online blackjack should always be regarded as a crime. Hope the above ways and risks will help you while playing at the online casino.

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