Holding a Low Pair in Online Video Poker – Is it the Right Move?

Video poker is a form of constant-odds poker game. It is pretty nicely favored as compared to traditional poker. Online video poker is played in a place that is quite similar to slot machines. You can additionally play online video poker. However, the rules for playing video poker remain very identical. To play online poker you need to draw five cards. The most common question that strikes every player’s mind is which card to hold. Whether or not we need to maintain a pair with a lower value or hold a face card.

If the player holds the low pair card then the player will be able to earn the same amount of bet. However, we are generally moved by the vivid face of playing cards and allow lower pairs to move. Below is the information on a few strategies which we should apply, in case we get low pair cards of online video poker.

What Causes Players to Hold High Cards?

People always associate having higher cards is a good hand while playing games like online video poker. A Queen is more attractive than a pair of twos. Therefore, we always assume that discarding the 2s will be a better move because it will be more advantageous if we draw another Queen. Which is absolutely incorrect. Since you have a pair of twos in your hand, you will at the very least receive your original wager back. A complete house, a three-of-a-kind, or a four-of-a-kind are also possibilities if the pair continues to be dealt. These are all superior to even a pair of Queens.

A single suited or high card has extremely little probability of giving you a straight flush, four of a kind, three of a kind, or a royal flush. Keeping a single high card while releasing a low pair is one of the worst game strategies.

Why Maintain a Lower Pair?

As we mentioned in the previous sections, it is a bad idea to hang onto a higher card in the hopes of a miracle while letting go of a lower pair. You won’t experience financial loss if you hold onto a pair that is lower. In some cases, it may appear wise to discard the pair in favor of a pair or three of a type with a higher value. However, the likelihood of it happening is extremely slim. If you don’t have any better cards, holding a lower pair is one of the best plays in the game, according to optimal strategy.

According to statistics, there is a 25% probability that you will win with a three-of-a-kind or a two-pair if you hang onto a lower pair. Additionally, even if a player holding a high card has a 26.38 percent probability of making a high-value pair, threes of a kind and two pairs will always win more money. Therefore, giving up a lower pair in exchange for a single high card does not make sense for the player.

How Would It Be If I Had Two High Cards?

What if I have two high cards and a low pair? This is one of the often asked questions by players when playing online video poker. What should be their play strategy then? The response is the same as it was before. The majority of the time, a low pair is preferable to two unrelated high cards. You can only discard a low pair in favor of a higher-valued card if

1. A flush can be made using four cards.

2. A Royal flush-making trio of cards.

3. Possibility of a straight flush with four cards.

4. A Royal flush-making hand of four cards.

There are just these four situations that you come through when playing online video poker, where you can forgo a pair in favor of a losing wager.


Before you start playing online video poker for real money, it is a good idea to look at strategies and practice games. Online video poker for free is also available to practice for a newcomer. Once you are familiar with all the game rules and playing strategies, you can go ahead to play for real money. You will then be able to use all the techniques we discussed in practice. Holding a lower pair is one of the strongest moves in the game of online video poker, as you will be able to see. Play this tactical slot game with fun and savvy money management.

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